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Big Brother Spoilers: Michael Sets Record For Season 24

Michael Bruner

Big Brother 24 spoilers and updates tease that Michael Bruner has proven to be a very dominant player this season.

Big Brother Spoilers – A Strong Competitor

In week 1 Michael was put on the block by Daniel who was the HOH, but that didn’t stop him from putting everything he had into the Veto competition and coming out a winner and taking himself off the block.

In week 2 Michael won the Veto again, this time he decided not to use his Veto and leave the nominations the same. Jasmine was the HOH and she nominated both Pooch and Taylor, ultimately Pooch was evicted.

In week 3 Michael was now paired up with his festie bestie, Brittany and they were both nominated by Turner who was the HOH. Once again, Michael won the HOH and removed both himself and Brittany from the block. Ameerah and Terrance were put up as replacements and Ameerah was evicted.

Fast forward to week 5 and Michael not only wins the HOH, but he also wins the Veto, setting a record for season 24 of the same HG winning both competitions. Michael nominated Joseph, Monte, and Terrance, but the BB house wants Nicole’s ally, Daniel, to be evicted.

Big Brother Updates – All The Power

Michael is holding all the power this week, the first time this season and he can get Daniel out if he wants to. It might not be the best move for his game right now, but if Michael doesn’t put Daniel on the block it really is going to make a lot of HGs very upset with him.

Although, Monte is becoming a problem. Monte told Kyle that when it was just the Leftovers in the house, he wanted to target Michael first for eviction. Really dumb thing to say when Michael is holding all the cards this week. There is also the fact that Jasmine approached Monte for an alliance and Indy was included as well. And Michael raised a good point this week after Daniel is evicted, who will the next big target be? The Leftovers will eventually break up and start nominating each other.

There is also Kyle, he has been Monte’s number 1 the whole game and he has a showmance with Alyssa. Kyle is a huge target and maybe should go home before Monte. The showmance is really taking a lot of gameplay out of Kyle and if he is not careful, he may just find himself backdoored this week because, without Nicole, Daniel is no threat to anyone’s game.

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