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Big Brother Alums React To Paloma’s Accusation That Taylor Was A Bully


Big Brother Alums React To Paloma’s Accusation That Taylor Was A Bully

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that alums immediately reacted to Paloma Aguilar’s accusation. Before her surprising exit from the show, Paloma painted Taylor Hale as the bully in the house.

Paloma’s Bullying Accusations Against Taylor Following Self-Eviction

On July 31, Paloma posted a video on TikTok where she featured some of her interactions with Taylor. In the clip, she made it clear that she left the house not because of Taylor or anyone in the house but because of her mental health.

She also addressed the Taylor drama after feeling annoyed with people who have been judging her without knowing her side of the story.

“So it’s as simple as this, I was in the house bullied by Taylor. I’m in the shower washing my hair, and she makes a comment and makes fun of how I look in the shower, right? Or I drop a piece of pineapple, and there’s a condescending comment that happened, right?” Paloma explained.

There were instances when she had to fight back because she was being bullied. She admitted that there were times in the house when she wasn’t nice at all, and she wanted to apologize for that. She’s ready to take accountability for her actions, and she knows that she’s not perfect.

Paloma Aguilar

Were Paloma’s Actions Racist?

The former houseguest defended her actions and said they were not racist at all. She got bullied, but it was never shown on camera. She added that the media didn’t portray the truth about what was happening inside the house. They just wanted things to be entertaining, and it was at the expense of her mental health.

She made it clear that she is good friends with Taylor. But she had to leave the show even if it meant not winning the $750,000. Her mental health was more important to her than money.

Paloma brought up the cancel culture in social media and how she was portrayed negatively after she left the show. She explained that people are not seeing the truth about what’s really happening in the house because everything is cut according to the narrative that Big Brother production wants.

She continued to explain that nobody really understands the psychological challenges that reality TV stars face unless they have experienced them first-hand.

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