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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Winner And A Self-Eviction?

Big Brother

Big Brother 24 spoilers and updates tease that we are already coming into week 5 and with that, there is a new HOH, new nominees, and a new Veto draw. SPOILERS below.

Big Brother Spoilers – Week 5

The new HOH is Michael, which means that Brittany gets an automatic save for the week. Joseph, Monte, and Terrance were put on the block, but the real target is Daniel, Nicole’s former festie bestie and ride or die.

Now there was a Veto draw as well and both Jasmine and Turner were chosen. Then there was the actual Veto competition, festie besties Michael and Brittany won.

The Leftovers – Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Kyle, Monte, Joseph, and Turner are targeting Daniel, so if all goes well, the Veto will be used, Daniel and Kyle will go on the block and Daniel will be sent home.

Big Brother Updates – Self-Eviction

Daniel backdoored his own ally and ride or die in the house, Nicole. Daniel believed by using his Veto ta he was going to outsmart Monte but that didn’t happen. Daniel was convinced that Monte didn’t have the votes to get rid of Nicole, but he did. Instead, Nicole and Daniel’s nemesis got to remain in the house.

Once Nicole left, Daniel started complaining about the game and asked for someone to book his plane ticket home already. In fact, while the rest of the HGs were watching Nicole’s photo turn to black and white, Daniel was having a pity party all by himself, “buy my plane ticket. I will just start packing my bags now, I have to live with these people … oh my god, just end the season already. As a fan, this is trash.” Daniel literally evicted his own friend in the house and then got mad that it happened. BB fans were not thrilled about Daniel’s outburst and some even think he should self-evict, “I love him saying “God! I have to live with these people.” Like no bro… they have to live with you until next week when they can send you home,” and “no way he should continue in the game for the jury and moral reasons. I can’t wait till Nicole and Daniel both leave the house and see the public’s reaction to their abhorrent behavior when they thought they were gospel,” and “I’m loving the miserable lone wolf Daniel character arc. If he stays around and just constantly talks shit he may become my favorite,” and “He should just walk off the show. He is so sad. Nicole and Dan were only after Taylor for personal things and nothing to do with the game. They are just sad pathetic people.”

Do you think Daniel should just self-evict if he is not happy being in the house?

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