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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 5 HOH – Monte & Terrance Trying To Pooch Themselves


Big Brother

Big Brother 24 spoilers and updates tease that BB Fans are still trying to recover from Nicole being blindsided and Taylor calling her dumb before her exit.

The Leftovers – Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Kyle, Monte, Joseph, and Turner took control of the house last week after Turner got fed up with the horrible way Nicole and Daniel were treating Taylor.

Big Brother Spoilers – HOH

Michael is the new HOH for week 5 which means that Brittany is automatically safe because she is his festie bestie.

Taylor, after her alliance kept their word and voted out Nicole, she opted to join festie besties Alyssa and Indy. Bet she is kicking herself now, what she should have done was chosen to be paired with Michael, who is a very strong competitor.

Big Brother Updates – Nominees And Pooch

The nominees for week 5 are Joseph, Monte, and Terrance. They were chosen as pawns, the real target is Daniel, Nicole’s former ally and festie bestie. Little does Michael know, but Monte wants to get rid of him first from the Leftovers because he is a strong competitor. Monte better calm down, not a good idea to talk about targets when you are sitting on the block! Monte told Kyle, so if Kyle tells Michael, Monte’s loose lips just might get him “pooched” right out of the house. Monte better win the Veto because Kyle is not going to want to go up on the block along his festie bestie Daniel, as replacement nominees so they can backdoor Daniel. Although Turner was the one to say it first about getting rid of Michael, but Monte ran with it like he was in a relay race.

If Michael doesn’t find out, and the Veto is not used, Terrance really has no clue how much danger he is in.

At this point, it almost seems that the HGs are just competing to be the Pooch of the week. Monte volunteers to be a pawn, and BB fans have seen this season what happens to pawns. Then Terrance basically volunteers to be Pooch this week by saying he is going to throw the Veto competition. Imagine if Daniel and Kyle win the Veto because Terrance threw the competition! Terrance even goes so far as to tell Daniel that if he wins the Veto, don’t use it.

The funniest thing about this scenario, is if Daniel wins the Veto, doesn’t use it and Terrance gets evicted, he will be single-handedly evicting all of his allies.

Only Pooch’s body left the house, his spirit is still alive and floating from HG to HG.

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