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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 4 POV Blindside SHOCKER!

Big Brother

Big Brother 24 is heating up and the Leftovers have taken control of the house. SPOILERS below!

Big Brother Spoilers – Current Standings

Monte is the HOH, which automatically makes Joseph and Terrance safe since they are his festie besties. Alyssa and Indy were nominated with Alyssa being the real target unless Taylor gave Monte the green light. The Have Nots are Jasmine and Turner. Daniel and Kyle won the Veto.

Big Brother Updates – POV Blindside

Nicole never expected to be a target, she felt that she ran the house and everyone in it. In a BB shocker, the Veto that Daniel and Kyle won, was used to take Alyssa and Indy off the block, with Nicole and Taylor, put up as replacements. That was the green light that Monte was waiting for. Taylor didn’t want to be put up as a pawn again, so Monte told her this would be her decision. If she said no, Alyssa would go home. But, the renoms speak for themselves, Taylor gave the green light, and Nicole is the target.

Meanwhile, Taylor has been doing great in the house, she has had great conversations with her Leftovers alliance and she is getting closer and closer to Turner. It would be amazing to see a Turner/Taylor final two, Reddits weigh in on the duo, “I think what makes Turner so likable is that he is a very chill guy who seems kind of just normal overall? Like he just seems like a cool guy that would be awesome to hang out with,” and “people have been saying a leftovers final 7 would be pound vs Michael/britt/Taylor with maybe kyle in the middle, but I think turner & Taylor’s relationship could complicate that (also obviously Tay/Joseph & Michael/kyle),” and “I would be so down for a Taylor/Turner F2.”

The best thing about Taylor is that she just keeps being herself no matter how much HGs inside the house attack her. She did not deserve the first week of inappropriate speech from Daniel telling her to fix what she has done wrong. This year’s cast has a handful of catty women who didn’t like that she was a pageant girl and a guy’s girl. She was literally bullied for minding her own business. Hopefully, production shows more on the show what a sincere and down-to-earth person she really is.

Taylor fights like hell in the comps and you can see she wants to win. She has passion and we hope she makes it to the final two, maybe with Turner, that would be an amazing finale night on BB 24.

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  1. […] The nominees for week 5 are Joseph, Monte, and Terrance. They were chosen as pawns, the real target is Daniel, Nicole’s former ally and festie bestie. Little does Michael know, but Monte wants to get rid of him first from the Leftovers because he is a strong competitor. Monte better calm down, not a good idea to talk about targets when you are sitting on the block! Monte told Kyle, so if Kyle tells Michael, Monte’s loose lips just might get him “pooched” right out of the house. Monte better win the Veto because Kyle is not going to want to go up on the block along his festie bestie Daniel, as replacement nominees so they can backdoor Daniel. Although Turner was the one to say it first about getting rid of Michael, but Monte ran with it like he was in a relay race. […]

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