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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 4 Alliances And Standings

Big Brother

Big Brother 24 spoilers and updates tease that BB is gearing up for an amazing week of BB blindside, alliances, and more.

Big Brother Spoilers – Current Standings

Monte is the new HOH for week 4, which automatically makes Joseph and Terrance safe since they are his festie besties. Alyssa and Indy were nominated but they were taken off the block when Daniel and Kyle won the Veto and were replaced with Taylor and Nicole with Nicole being the real target.

Big Brother Updates – The Alliances

The Leftovers are controlling the house and they are Monte, Turner, Joseph, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, and Kyle.

The Outsiders are Kyle, Brittany, and Michael.

The Pound consists of Joseph, Monte, Kyle, and Turner.

There are a lot of final two deals in the house; Kyle and Turner, Monte and Kyle, Kyle and Michael, Michael and Brittany, and the Pinky Swears, Brittany and Turner, and recently Brittany and Taylor solidified and final two deal. Taylor is getting more connections in the house and has a chance to now make it to the end.

The Festie Besties are Michael and Brittany, Taylor and Nicole, Alyssa and Indy, Terrane, Monte and Joseph, Kyle and Daniel, Turner and Jasmine.

The Girls Girls alliance is Gone Girls!

Big Brother fans are rooting for Turner and Taylor to be the final two. Turner’s Veto nomination speech garnered him a lot of fans. Turner said on the live feeds that he purposefully made the speech to include the bullying against Taylor so that production had no choice but to include it in the episode. What Turner did is unheard of in today’s Big Brother. Watching Taylor, the tears in her eyes when Turner was speaking made fans’ hearts swell. The crazy thing is, a lot of fans were rooting for Daniel and Nicole prior to the Taylor bullying, and now they are the least favorite HGs in the house. What should happen, Daniel and Nicole should apologize to Taylor. The insane thing about the whole speech was that Daniel was nodding to everything that Turner said, yet he was one of the culprits! Go figure.

BB fans thought that the week was going to be boring because Turner was the HOH but didn’t he just surprise everyone with one of the most insane weeks in a very long time? Now, Monte is turning the house upside down and Nicole is going to be heading out the house this week, hopefully, the door doesn’t hit her on the way out!

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