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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Trouble Brewing – Tears In The Pool


Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 spoilers and updates tease that trouble is brewing in the BB house with the new twist diving it into an inside group called BroChella and an outside group called DyreFest, complete with their own HOH, nominees, and Veto.

MAJOR spoilers are below.

Big Brother Spoilers – The BB Power This Week

BroChella has Michael Bruner as the HOH and Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, and Taylor Hale in his group. Michael put Jasmine and Monte on the block, with Jasmine being the real target. This makes sense because the way Jasmine is milking that ankle injury, after 70 some days, they better get her an x-ray because it is probably broken, LOL.

DyreFest has Terrance Higgins as the HOH and Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, and Matthew “Turner” Turner in his group. Terrance has put Joseph and Turner on the block.

Brittany won the Veto for BroChella and Terrance won the Veto for DyreFest.

Big Brother: Joseph

Big Brother Updates – Tears In The Pool

Being in a tight spot, Turner has turned his loyalty to Terrance, Kyle, and Alyssa. Sadly, he has no other option at this point than to ride the showmance and Terrance.

Joseph on the hand seems to be the target. Over at BroChella, Taylor, and Monte said that if Joseph is gone, Kyle is DONE, and they won’t accept any excuses from him. Joseph was seen in the pool, looking like he was crying and lost all hope. Joseph has been one of the best players this season. Joseph made authentic connections from the begging. He spearheaded getting rid of Ameerah, he convinced Daniel and Nicole that he was going after Taylor, and he pulled in Indy by telling her that Ameerah was targeting her. And, he also won over Jasmine’s trust. Overall, Joseph is playing a good game, and it would be great to see someone play hard to move forward rather than a silly showmance making it to the end.

It will be interesting to see if Joseph can shift the negative attention away from himself and over to Kyle and Alyssa. Even BB fans are wall yelling to save Joseph!

Terrance winning HOH and Veto this week is shocking considering that he is one of the weaker players in the house. BB fans want nothing more than to see Alyssa and Kyle broken up, but really, if Terrance works on bringing Alyssa to the final two, he would definitely win against her because no matter how little he has done strategically game-wise in the house, Alyssa has done less. The only thing keeping Alyssa in the house is her showmance with Kyle. Otherwise, she would have already been evicted. But, if Alyssa goes to the final two with Kyle, she would probably win because BB fans are not happy with him, nor are the other HGs.

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