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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: The BB Gods Love Taylor


Taylor Hale

Big Brother season 24 spoilers and updates tease that Taylor Hale had a really tough season. Less than a week after the premiere, BB fans and alums were outraged by the bullying that the former pageant queen faced in the BB house.

Big Brother Spoilers –Taylor’s Journey

Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguillar started calling Taylor “Pageant Girl” early on and their game plan was to outshine her in front of the guys, “Another thing is with pageant girl like we need to also get in good with the guys. Like (Hale) cannot dominate being like the seductress of the guys.” That same day, Paloma and Jasmine Davis went so far as to mock and imitate Taylor’s walk. Taylor modeled some of her pageant outfits and said she would love to wear one of her dresses on finale night, Daniel Duston called this “aggressive!” Jasmine and Turner said that Taylor’s mother probably wouldn’t approve of how she was acting in the BB house. Daniel even went so far as saying that he didn’t like Taylor from the moment he saw her, the minute I saw her(Taylor) I knew it was going to be bad news.” Wow, Daniel based his liking her on her appearance, yet he said multiple times that he is not racist. Nicole Layog also did her fair share of bullying Taylor, to the point that she riled up Daniel and he verbally attacked Taylor. The only good thing that came out of that incident was that the Leftovers were formed and the majority of the BB house had had enough of the unfair treatment of Taylor. BB fans who spend a lot of time on the live feeds say that the episodes have only shown a glimpse of the bullying, ostracizing, and isolating targeted at Taylor.

Big Brother Updates – The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

After being nominated three times and being the only target in the house for weeks, Taylor was included in the Leftovers and the target shifted to the two people who were the worst to her in the house, Nicole and Daniel, who have both now been evicted from the BB house.

Taylor went on to win the HOH this week and managed to not even get any blood on her hands.

Taylor nominated Terrance and Indy with Terrance being her target because he was all pro-Daniel staying in the house and even was the sole vote to keep him in the house. But, the house shifted, and then thought it would be better for Indy to be evicted because Terrance couldn’t win a competition if his life depended on it. Actually Brittany Hoopes and Joseph Abdin have been playing hard all week and telling Taylor what she should do as HOH. This was actually a best-case scenario for Taylor, she gets rid of Indy, gets no blood on her hands, and got to be HOH and get a letter from home.

Looks like BB24 might just bring us a female winner. Imagine, Daniel called all the other HG’s clowns when he knew his days were numbered. Guess who is the clown now? Not Taylor!

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