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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Nicole Gets “Pooched”


Big Brothe4r

Big Brother 24 spoilers and updates tease that Nicole laughed at Pooch when he volunteered to go on the block, believing that he had enough votes to stay in the house, but ended up being sent home. Now, in an amazing turn of events, her own ally stabbed her in the back and caused her to be evicted from the BB house.

Big Brother Spoilers – The Dumbest Move

The Leftovers – Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Kyle, Monte, Joseph, and Turner were going to keep the noms the same with Alyssa and Indy on the block, with the target being Alyssa. Daniel, in one of the dumbest moves in BB history, believed that he had the votes to keep Nicole in the house and if he used the Veto and put her up with Taylor, they would finally get rid of Taylor who they have been against since basically she entered the house.

Fast forward to the Veto meeting and Daniel does use his Veto which puts his ally Nicole on the block with her festie bestie, Taylor.

To secure her votes in the house, Nicole thinks it is a good idea to tell Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine that she was a cop for ten years and detective for two of them, before becoming a chef. Not sure why she thought they would care one iota about this. In the end, all three women voted to send Nicole home, so probably wasn’t the best intel to share.

Big Brother Updates – Over Confident Or Just Dumb

Daniel and Nicole were so confident, they really believed they were controlling the HGs. Daniel said on camera, “I am done with these clowns. You can’t get too comfortable in this game, that’s their problem. I love this game so much.”

During the live vote, Taylor’s speech spoke volumes, “you look so dumb right now. Choosing me as your festie bestie you thought was your security blanket but here you are, both of us sitting on the chopping block because your closest ally in the house, who thought you would still be safe, used the Veto which got you nominated.”

When Julie sat down with Nicole, she said she thought Monte was the mastermind that caused her to be evicted. Little does she know that when she and Daniel were slamming Taylor last week, the Leftovers was formed because of the bullying. So in fact, Nicole was evicted because of Nicole.

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