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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Is Jasmine Davis Milking Her Injury?

Big Brother: Jasmine Davis

Big Brother 24 spoilers and updates tease that Jasmine twisted her ankle in the early part of season 15 and although most BB fans were sympathetic in the beginning week after week Jasmine’s injury continues and even Turner has had enough in the BB house.

Big Brother Spoilers – The Healing Process

BB fans that Jasmine should have at least tried to put partial weight on her foot in the last week, yet all she did was hop around and roll around on a squeaky scooter. There was also strengthening and stretching that should have been done to make herself recover faster. Being sedentary was probably the worst thing for her injury.

Big Brother Updates – Turner Has Had Enough

Turner says Jasmine is driving him nuts every day she is in the house and he hopes she goes up as a pawn and is accidentally sent home. There was an incident in the backyard where Kyle passed by Jasmine and she said that he hit her foot, but a replay showed that he really didn’t, yet she was crying for ice. Turner then said if a fly landed on Jasmine’s foot she would act as if she fell off Mount Kilimanjaro. When Kyle returns with the ice, even Jasmine’s voice is altered, like she is in severe agony from the pain.

BB fans weigh in on Jasmine’s injury, “Production has been suggesting she try to walk on it (or put more pressure on it? Use the cane? Something like that) for like a week now. Jasmine is milking it because she likes being waited on,” and “once her leg is healed how is she going to be able to lay around and have the peasants make her sandwiches?” and “It’s been almost three weeks. She should be up and walking in the boot they gave her. Brit and Indy have both tried to encourage her to wear it and use her cane. It’s the type of injury that requires PT so hopefully, they’ll be giving her some exercises/stretches/etc,” and “In her mind the longer she’s injured, the more likely she can pick up pity from others. The house guests are picking up on it though and still have her as a have-not this week, so not sure if her strategy is working on others .

What do you think, could Jasmine be milking her injury as part of her strategy to win the game?

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