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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Double Elimination Veto Winners – Underdog Has All The Power!


Big Brother: Dyre Fest

Big Brother season 24 spoilers and updates tease that BB shook up the house by introducing a new twist separating the house into two groups, one called BroChella and the other Dyre Fest.

MAJOR spoilers are below.

Big Brother Spoilers – Current House Standings

Michael won HOH for BroChella, he choose to have Brittany, Monte, Jasmine, and Taylor on his team. Terrance won HOH for DyreFest and he choose Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner for his team. Unfortunately, Michael and Terrance were able to strategize before they made their picks, which really takes the drama out of the whole twist. Maybe they should make this week a triple eviction since the twist is losing its shine, let there be some chaos in the house!

Michael chooses to nominate Jasmine and Monte, while Terrance chooses Joseph and Turner.

Big Brother Updates – The Vetos

Brittany has won the Veto for BroChella and Terrance has won for Dyrefest. Simply put, Terrance has all the power within Dyrefest. This only happened one other time this season, when Michael won HOH and the Veto in the same week.

If Terrance were smart, he would take off Turner and put Alyssa or Kyle up for eviction. If not, there is a possibility that this showmance is going to be a serious threat in the coming weeks and they may even win the whole thing. Kyle would be the best to get out of the house. He has lied to Alyssa many times, turned on his alliance more than once, and refuses to help his alliance if it is not in favor of his showmance. But, Terrance has not proven to be a smart BB player or competitor. Anyone’s guess on what will happen with this eviction.

On Michael’s HOH, it would be nice to see Jasmine go because she is so annoying, but Taylor told Brittany that Monte wants to get rid of Michael at the final five. Taylor trusts Brittany with that information, but if Britt told Michael, Monte could be heading to the jury house and it would be his own fault for making such a dumb move when Michael is the HOH. As it stands now, Jasmine is Michael’s target.

What do you think about how the twist is playing out? And which do you think should be sent to the jury house this week?

Another twist that could be coming, is a battle back. If Michael got Jasmine evicted and she returned to the BB house, that would make for some awesome TV!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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