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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Daniel Reveals His Flaw That Caused His Eviction


Big Brother: Daniel Durston

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Daniel Durston, the 35-year-old Elvis impersonator made an immediate alliance when he entered the BB house, with Nicole Layog. Now, in an exclusive interview with Us magazine, Daniel looks back at his time in the house and his big flaw.

Big Brother Spoilers – Flaw

Daniel reveals that when he gives his loyalty to someone, he gives it 100 percent and that was his biggest flaw in the game, “hearing from certain people that I trusted, I believed it. I didn’t even go about the route to speak with her because I felt like it would get worse for me. Like I might say something worse or do whatever, you know? And so I wanted to keep that space to remain as healthy as possible. The house puts a lot of pressure on you and your emotions run through the roof. So, me stepping back, which necessarily isn’t the best thing to do, I thought it was best for me at the moment. And I wanted to work with Taylor in the first week until everyone got in my ear about it. And of course, the Paloma situation happened from there and ultimately Taylor and I, at least in the house, didn’t really connect on a personal level or a game level. So it was hard to want to have these sit-downs, you know? Although now looking back, those are important.”

Daniel admits that he looks forward to looking back at the clips, seeing how he acted, and learning from them. His problem was that he trust Nicole without question and when Nicole told him what Taylor said about it being ok if she wanted to leave the game, Nicole exaggerated and Daniel believed her without questioning anything and then proceeded to blow up on Taylor.

Big Brother Updates – Any Regrets?

Daniel admits that he does have regrets, he wished he would have kept his emotions out of the game and not put 100% trust in Nicole. He wishes he had gotten to the bottom of what happened between Nicole and Taylor instead of just blowing up.

In the end, Daniel and Nicole never knew what they were doing in-game and said many times they were so good and killing it. Daniel made the dumbest move by using the Veto and allowing Nicole to go up on the block. Sadly, Daniel claims to be a super fan yet played one of the dumbest games in BB history.

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