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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Daniel Gives Empty Backhanded Apology

Big Brother: Daniel Durston

Big Brother season 24 has brought us some unfortunate targeting when it comes to houseguest and personal stylist, Taylor Hale.

Big Brother Spoilers – Daniel Durston

Daniel won the first HOH this season and quickly worked to blindside Taylor, former Miss Michigan USA. Lucky for Taylor, Paloma Aguilar self evicted, which saved her for that week. To support Daniel’s plan of getting rid of Taylor, Nicole choose to be her festie bestie. Nicole Layog even threw a competition just to sabotage Taylor. Then, Nicole cried in her bedroom because she threw that competition. Taylor, not knowing why she was crying and thinking that perhaps something had happened to her mother who was diagnosed with cancer, went to console her. Taylor told her to prioritize herself and if she needed to leave the game she should. Nicole twisted Taylor’s words to Daniel and he replied with a verbal attack on Taylor. It was the absolutely disgusting treatment of another human being and totally unfair.

BB fan’s support was growing for Taylor, they didn’t like what Nicole and Daniel were doing to her inside the BB house.

Despite being bullied in the house, Taylor continued to show integrity and honor and stayed true to herself.

BB fans wanted Daniel to issue a strong and sincere apology when he was evicted from the Big Brother house after his ally, Nicole’s departure, but that didn’t happen.

Daniel Durston apology

Big Brother Updates – Daniel’s Apology

Daniel’s apology says “I may have offended,” Seriously, did he watch the episodes back? He 100% offended Taylor and BB fans are not happy about Daniel’s apology, “Is it just me, or is “triggered” a bad choice for PR apologies?,” and “that and ‘anyone I may have offended. Its empty, backhanded, and doesn’t take ownership that you actually did piss people off,” and “pretty bad apology. The signature makes it even worse. He would have been better off not saying anything at all. He should have just stayed off social media and apologized in person first before making any kind of statement” and “well it makes sense considering he is still trying to squeeze time out of his 15 seconds of fame from being one of the worst Big Brother players ever lol,” and “the worst part is his signature at the bottom. It seems like someone wrote it for him, he reviewed it, then signed, and if he did write this then it doesn’t seem like a sincere apology or not genuine.”

What do you think of Daniel’s written apology?

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