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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: BB Fans Feel They Are Being Ripped Off

Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 has been an amazing season so far and just as things were heating up, the “twist” was introduced and fans were thrilled. Then, everything came crashing down!

Big Brother Spoilers – Current Standings

The present standings in the house are that the house is split into two groups, BroChella and Dyre Fest. Michael won the HOH for BroChella, the inside group and Terrance won for Dyre Fest, the outside group that is treated more like HaveNots, having to rough it in the elements.

The Veto ceremony was held and Brittany won it for BroChella and Terrance for Dyre Fest. Now usually, at this point in the week, BB fans would know if the Vetos were used, but that didn’t happen this week.

Big Brother Updates – Ripped Off

This week, with the five HGs in the Dyre Fest being on the outside of the house, there are some annoying wall yellers who have caused the live feeds to go down and BB fans say they are being ripped off, “we are not school children but actually paying customers, the audience without which a show wouldn’t exist, and none of us had anything to do with a wall yeller as we sit in our homes far from LA,” and “the live feeds are really boring when it’s just “We’ll be right back” for the majority of the time,” and “we haven’t had outside feeds since Saturday evening. Nobody knows what’s going on. It’s all speculation. For all we know they didn’t even hear or comprehend what the wall yellers were saying, making their intended impact obsolete.”

It is easy to be mad at the wall yeller, but what about production, why haven’t they come up with a way to stop them? This has happened for 24 seasons and nobody thought of coming up with a solution to this annoying problem yet? They didn’t think through this twist at all and it is not fair punishment to BB fans who are loyal BB feed subscribers.


Even though the feeds are down, Twitter is alive with leaks. One of them, and not sure if this is 100% accurate, they are saying that Terrance used the Veto and Kyle is the replacement nominee. Apparently, the wall yeller shouted, “Kyle lied, save Joseph.”

And, now Michael and Brittany are thinking of taking Terrance to the final five because they know they can beat him at comps. If that were the case, they could beat Jasmine as well because she has done zero in this game.

In the end, it sucks that a few wall yellers ruined the live feeds for BB fans who really enjoy them and the show.

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