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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: A Non-Leftover HOH Coming!

Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 is rocking the BB house and this week the Leftovers are in charge. The latest BB alliance is made up of Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Kyle, Joseph, and Monte.

Big Brother Spoilers – A Non-Leftover HOH

It really is possible that after Monte’s current run as HOH we have a non-Leftover HOH. Monte will not be playing and they are two strong players. Michael and Brittany probably won’t want it because there will be too much attention on the duo, and if Michael wins any more comps he is going to become a quick target. Daniel for sure will want it, to avenge Nicole’s being so upset about the bit blindside when Ameerah was sent home but Kyle will not want it. Turner will not want it again and hopefully, Nicole goes home and she is not an issue.

So, we have Joseph, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, Terrance, Taylor, and Daniel who will really fight for it. This gives the other half of the house a good chance of winning HOH after Monte’s reign. But who knows, Taylor does really want it and she will fight hard to get it.

Big Brother Updates – Nicole’s Demise

Nicole is probably the next HG to go and it is completely her fault. She really rubs all the HGs the wrong way. She brags that she can detect BS a mile away yet seven people made it their priority to BS her for two weeks and she never clued in. She keeps trying to push the narrative that Taylor has affected the mental health of Paloma and now Brittany, and there is nowhere near true. Hopefully, Taylor gives Monte the green light and goes on the block with her festie bestie, and sends Nicole home.

Taylor did some cam talk “I’m here to play a long game. I’m here to fight until I can’t anymore. for now, the hell that I’ve gone through has been acknowledged and will be rewarded. I went through the wringer the first 4 weeks in this house. I’m going to be on the block again but I’m not the target. more and more people are rallying behind the person who is the target. that’s what happens when you volunteer as a pawn against me. Oh, wow, it’s gonna happen.” Well, it looks like she is giving Monte the green light.

So happy for Taylor and can’t wait to see Nicole get ousted from the house, hopefully, the door doesn’t hit her on her way out!

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