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Arrow’s Rick Gonzalez Joins Law & Order: Organized Crime

Arrow’s Rick Gonzalez Joins Law & Order: Organized Crime

Law & Order: Organized Crime spoilers and updates tease that the show has welcomed a new star. Arrow’s Rick Gonzales has joined the cast of the show as its newest detective.

Fans may recall Gonzales as Arrow veteran, Rene Ramirez, aka Wild Dog. He first appeared in season 5 and remained until the TV series ended in 2020. He also appeared in Rush, Mr. Robot, and The Lost Symbol.

Gonzales is the most recent actor to join the show’s third season, along with Brent Antonello of Pam & Tommy. Both actors will appear as NYPD detectives and the latest addition to the Organized Crime Unit, which is headed by Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

Fans may recall that Meloni’s character, Elliot Stabler, originated from its sister show, Law & Order: SVU. The veteran detective decided to return to the force after his wife was murdered. The character is no longer part of Law & Order: SVU but is now the main star in Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Meloni is one of the few series regulars of the show, along with Danielle Moné Truitt and Ainsley Seiger, who plays Sergeant Ayanna Bell and Detective Jet Slootmaekers, respectively. It’s produced by Universal Television. Its executive producers are Dick Wolf, Barry O’Brien, Paul Cabbad, Peter Jankowski, and Meloni, to name a few.

Is Organized Crime Losing Some Familiar Faces?

Given that two new actors are joining the show, fans are wondering if some familiar faces are leaving Law & Order: Organized Crime. In season 1, Ben Chase and Michael Rivera joined the cast as guest stars, namely as Detectives Washburn and Morales, respectively.

Detective Morales was revealed to be the mole for Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) and was eventually killed by Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt). Meanwhile, season 2 added Detectives Maldonado (Mike Cannon) and Detective Cho (Rachel Lin) in a recurring capacity.

Law & Order: Organized Crime is scheduled to return to the small screens on September 22 on NBC. The season premiere is expected to be huge, given that there would be a three-way crossover between Law & Order: SVU and its original series, Law & Order.

There’s been no news as to whether Cannon or Lin would be returning for the next season. However, it’s also possible for these characters to be replaced by the characters that will be portrayed by Gonzales and Antonello.

It’ll be the first-ever three-way crossover between all the Law & Order shows. In a previous interview, OG series showrunner Rick Eid teased about the crossover for the upcoming season, but he’s not sure whether it’ll be the first, second, or third episode.

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