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Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Teases Character Beth Dutton Vows To Destroy

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Teases Character Beth Dutton Vows To Destroy

Yellowstone spoilers and updates tease that Beth Dutton will make the life of a particular character like hell when season 5 comes. The actress who plays Beth, Kelly Reilly, teased that “she’s going to destroy her.”

Beth isn’t someone people would want to mess with. She has a kind of darkness in her that could mean the destruction of anyone who comes her way. Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) was one of the few who dared to cross her when she slept with Beth’s father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in season 4.

Reilly Weighs In On Beth’s Animosity Towards Summer

In an interview with TVLine, Reilly said that her alter ego wants her father to be happy. However, she has no respect for Summer, whom she considers as her enemy.

She considers Summer as “has absolutely no respect for their way of life. [She and her fellow protesters] just come in with this very basic understanding, thinking that [ranchers] all just rednecks,” Reilly said.

The actress also hinted that Beth will destroy Summer quietly. It’s something that her alter ego is capable of doing .Beth can be terrifyingly violent and cruel. Summer and Beth are from opposite ends of the spectrum, all thanks to Yellowstone co-creator, Taylor Sheridan.

Reilly’s Similarities With Beth

Meanwhile, Reilly also admitted that she has lots of similarities with her character.

I’m not vegan, but I’m vegetarian and very much about animal welfare. I care about the same things Summer cares about,” the actress explained.

“Of course, Taylor does, too. But he puts Beth in the position of being the antithesis of all of that. And she does it just to get a reaction, to provoke,” she continued.

Reilly also added that she faced backlash when Beth refused to let Carter (Finn Little) call her mama at the end of the fourth season. She wanted to defend herself and say that it’s not her but her character. But that scene was one of the things that separated her from her character.

However, she understands the sentiments of their audience because she too wants her alter ego to become a mother to him. But she also explained that if she allowed him to call her mom, then she’s not being truthful to him.

Yellowstone is scheduled to premiere its fifth season on Sunday, November 13 on Paramount Network.

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