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Virgin River Season 4: Alexandra Breckenridge Dishes On New Doctor And Pregnancy Shockers!

Virgin River Season 4: Alexandra Breckenridge Dishes On New Doctor And Pregnancy Shockers!

Virgin River season 4 spoilers have promised to solve a major mystery. And that involves the father of Mel’s baby. But as it turned out, the Netflix show finale served up another baby-related twist.

Find out what Virgin River star Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel) shared about the pregnancy shockers linked to Jack (Martin Henderson). And learn about that new doctor. Catch up with Virgin River below!

Virgin River Season 4 Spoilers: Who Fathered Mel’s Baby?

For years, fans of Virgin River series author Robyn Carr have longed to see the beloved romances get transformed into a TV romance series. And Netflix finally made that yearning into a reality. But even Carr’s most devoted readers discovered new mysteries to solve in the process. And season 4 served up a spotlight-stealing thriller. (Warning: Don’t keep reading until you see the Virgin River season 4 finale!)

Spoiler Alert: We finally know the answer to that paternity mystery. And Virgin River star Alexandra Breckenridge shared with TV Line her views on discovering that Jack fathered Mel’s baby. But what about Mark?

“Mel wants to have a child with Jack,” pointed out Alexandra. And Breckenridge pointed out that Mel does not desire to “live in the past.” As a result,  despite Mark’s significance in Mel’s life, the character “wants to move forward and have a family with Jack.”

However, Alexandra also served up a surprise. And though some fans thought Mel secretly wanted to hold onto part of Mark, Breckenridge believes Mel “really doesn’t want to have Mark’s baby. She’s moving forward and needs to leave that part of her life behind her.” But the actress also dished on how she influenced the plot involving Charmaine. “I was also like, ‘I think Charmaine having [Jack’s] kids is absolutely bananas as well.’ But they were planning to have them go the other direction. I was like, ‘You’re all insane!’”

Virgin River Season 4 Spoilers: Too Many Doctors Make For Great TV!

And Alexandra also offered her views on a new twist to season 4: Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé). Because Mel and Cameron do get along well, Breckenridge admitted she felt shocked by the premiere. “But I was surprised in the [season premiere] at how bold he was,” she told TV Line. “In one of those first scenes, he says, ‘You called me attractive.’ Mel is like, “Wow, that’s not what I meant.’ He didn’t know she had a boyfriend at the time,” pointed out the actress. “But it was pretty forward.”

However, Cameron raises some eyebrows in one of the season 4 episodes. And as Alexandra noted, “For the amount of time they’ve known each other, he really oversteps when he gives his opinion about Jack. It clearly comes from a place where he’s developed a crush on Mel. She knows it, but she doesn’t really want to admit it. We’ll see where that takes them in Season 5.”

Tell us what you think about Virgin River season 4. And what do you hope happens between Mel and Cameron in season 5? After you share your views, check back on our site for more TV news! 

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