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Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Idea That Eleven Created The Upside Down


Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Idea That Eleven Created The Upside Down

Stranger Things spoilers and updates tease that Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the role of Eleven on the show, shot down the idea that her character created the Upside Down.

In an interview with Variety, the actress addressed the rumor that her alter ego was responsible for the existence of the alternate universe.

“This is too big of a debate for me to answer. I’m so worried,” she said.

“I think – no, no, no. I think that the alternate universe was always there. That is always going to be under Hawkins,” she explained.

Brown doesn’t believe that Eleven created the Upside Down. But she acknowledges the fact that she can access it. She believes that the alternate universe has always existed and that her character was just responsible for creating a gate that leads to it, something that was never done before.

Eleven’s Trip Down To Memory Lane

In season 4, Millie Bobby Brown was given the rare opportunity to revisit the role that she started playing when she was 11 years old. The fourth season featured Eleven going back in time, to 1979, about four years before the events that took place in season 1.

During the extended flashback sequence, Brown performed most of the scenes but there were instances when Martie Blaire stood in for the 9-year-old version of Brown’s alter ego. Blaire’s face was digitally replaced with Brown when the scenes went into post-production.

The face replacement process involved the use of what they call the Lola machine. Brown had to go to Los Angeles to work in a room and act in every single scene that Blaire had done. The production team needed that for the face replacement process to work. It was a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that Brown would never forget.

Brown shared that she and Blaire worked extensively together for those scenes. It helped Blaire in getting used to Eleven’s behaviors and actions. It was a nice experience, Brown said.

What Can Viewers Expect To See In Volume 2?

Volume 1 ended with Eleven finally regaining control of her powers.

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