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Quantum Leap Reboot Sees New Showrunner After Filming 3 Episodes

NBC's Quantum Leap gets a new showrunner
Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Seong in Quantum Leap [Image @raymomomo/Instagram]

It was recently reported that the popular sci-fi series Quantum Leap was getting a reboot on NBC. Obviously, as with many reboots, fans are split on whether or not this is a good idea. Meanwhile, the reboot has already had a hiccup, as a new showrunner takes over after filming only three episodes. Read on to find out the latest news about the reboot of Quantum Leap.

New showrunner for Quantum Leap on NBC

NBC's Quantum Leap gets a new showrunner
Quantum Leap [Image @raymomomo/Instagram]

After filming only three episodes of its first season, NBC’s reboot of Quantum Leap is already changing course. In fact, Blindspot creator, Martin Gero is taking over as showrunner for the reboot of the popular 90s TV series. Previously, Gero was an executive producer but is now taking the top spot, replacing Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt. However, the latter two will remain on board as executive producers.

Meanwhile, Dean Georgaris (Bluff City Law) is now joining the series as an executive producer. Deadline reports that NBC was “not entirely happy with the series pilot.” Reportedly the pilot will still air, but will not be the first episode. Apparently, episode 3 might now kick the series off.

About the reboot of the series

NBC's Quantum Leap gets a new showrunner
Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Seong [Image @raymomomo/Instagram]

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a reboot but a continuation, as the new Quantum Leap picks up 30 years after the original series. Meanwhile, Raymond Lee stars as Dr. Ben Seong, who follows in the footsteps of Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula). In fact, he restarts Beckett’s time travel project by making an unauthorized journey into the past.

In the original series, Beckett was accompanied by Dean Stockwell as his holographic companion Al, as he tried to find his way back home. Stockwell has since starred famously as a Cylon on Battlestar Galactica. In the rebooted series, Lee’s Dr. Seong attempts to dabble in quantum physics in an effort to discover the fate of Dr. Beckett.

NBC's Quantum Leap gets a new showrunner
Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Seong [Image @raymomomo/Instagram]

Bryan Wynbrandt recently told EW that the rebooted series will have something for both fans of the original series and also newcomers, saying:

It was important to follow in their footsteps by continuing the legacy and introduce our audience to a new set of characters and new story while connecting the two worlds.

Despite the behind-the-scene changes, the filming of season 1 continues uninterrupted.

The new Quantum Leap premieres on NBC on September 19 at 10 pm ET/PT.

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