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Outlander Season 7 Teaser: Sam Heughan Says Claire Will Be Saved

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander
Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser [Image @outlander_starz/Instagram]

After that major cliffhanger in the season 6 finale, fans are longing for news about season 7 of Outlander. While the plot is mostly being kept undercover, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser did drop a clue. In fact, he confirmed that his character will save Claire (Caitriona Balfe). Phew! Read on to find out what we know so far about the longed-for seventh season of the Starz series, Outlander.

Sam Heughan drops hint about Outlander season 7

Fans were left reeling after the series finale of Outlander season 6. That cliffhanger was almost too much to bear. However, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, has dropped a major spoiler about the upcoming season.

Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe
Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe [Image @outlander_starz/Instagram]

Viewers will recall that season 6 of Outlander made its longed-for return after an almost two-year hiatus. However, it soon made up for the wait and even though there were only eight episodes due to COVID, the season was action-packed with drama for almost every major character in the series.

Of course, this was especially so with the lead actress, Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser. In the show, Claire was arrested for a murder that she did not commit. Claire had found her apprentice, Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) dead in her garden. Meanwhile, as a nurse, she rushed to try and save the teenager. When she couldn’t revive her, Claire recalled that Malva was pregnant and tried to perform an emergency C-section to try and save the baby. However, regrettably, the baby also didn’t survive.

Meanwhile, as Claire tried to save Malva and the baby, her husband Jamie (Heughan) was making his way to the house. When he arrived, along with Malva’s Uncle Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) and his brother, they were all shocked. Moreover, Malva’s religious uncle had criticized Malva for her pregnancy out of wedlock and wanted nothing to do with her, even after she died.

However, her brother, Allan Christe (Alexander Vlahos) was suspicious of Claire. When they arrived, she was covered in Malva’s blood and Allan suspected foul play.

Everyone believes Claire is guilty

Soon, everyone also believes that Claire had something to do with Malva’s death and they wanted to punish her themselves. Pretty soon, Claire was arrested by Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his men, despite the fact she had proclaimed her innocence. As C-sections weren’t exactly the order of the day back in those times, it is clear why they would believe she was guilty.

Meanwhile, even though Jamie believed his wife was innocent, the couple was separated, leading to him almost being sent to Scotland. Luckily for him, Ian (John Bell) and the Cherokee arrived on the scene in time to help him. Moreover, the final scene of the Starz drama revealed them desperately making their way to Claire.

However, ahead of the premiere of season 7, Heughan has confirmed a major storyline that suggests that fans could have their wishes come true. In an interview with Gold Derby, Sam opened up about the finale scene, saying:

The whole finale was really fun to work on, it felt high action and it felt like western, the standoff and the shootout.

It leaves it on this positive note that at least Jamie’s now out there and he’s going to find her and save her.

Readers can see the full interview here:

Waiting for season 7 of Outlander

In other good news, it has been confirmed that, unlike the sixth season, season 7 will run over 16 episodes. Meanwhile, those episodes are currently in production.

No doubt, Outlander fans will breathe easier following this major spoiler, knowing that when season 7 drops, Jamie and Claire will be reunited in some way. Hopefully, she will be cleared of all charges in Malva’s death. Meanwhile, the new season could reveal who actually killed Malva and why they decided to do so.

Readers, are you excited about the upcoming seventh season of Outlander? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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