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Mayans M.C. Receives Season 5 Renewal At FX

Mayans M.C. Receives Season 5 Renewal At FX

Mayans M.C. spoilers, news, and updates tease that fans rejoiced at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) last Sunday when it was announced that Mayans M.C., the Sons of Anarchy spin-off series, has been renewed at FX for a fifth season.

The show tells the story of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) and the challenges he faces with his new life as an outlaw after joining the Santo Padre Charter of the Mayans M.C.

FX Entertainment Commends Mayans’ Previous Seasons

In the panel for the show at SDCC, FX Entertainment president of Original Programming Nick Grad said that the Mayans’ efforts in the past four seasons have led to an “explosive fifth season that will test their very survival under EZ’s newly claimed leadership.”

20th Television President Karey Burke sees Elgin James, the show’s executive producer and co-creator, as “a visionary leader who has managed the nearly impossible task of being in multiple places at one time as a director, showrunner and writer on his brilliant Mayans M.C.,” according to TV Tonight.

James expressed his gratitude to 20th Television and further stated, “I can’t wait to see what we’re able to create together moving forward. And every single member of the Mayans family, from our top of the call sheet to our set PAs and every single person in between, have put their blood and sweat into making Mayans something special on the set and on the screen.”

EZ’s Story Moves To The Next Chapter

Looking into the next chapter of EZ’s story, GameSpot reported in June that following the events of the season 4 finale, he would become a leader who puts his comrades first. “We haven’t really seen a benevolent leader before,” James said.

However, even with his heart in the right place, EZ’s path toward violence shows no signs of stopping, with James further stating that EZ “couldn’t escape his fate.” Furthermore, the events in season 5 will test his limits.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pardo said that he loved the finale after reading it. “War is imminent, so EZ is in a place where he is taking a stand for the survival of the club. And now, it’s kind of shifted the relationship with the brothers,” particularly EZ and Angel (Clayton Cardenas), his brother and the Mayans’ secretary.

When asked about what the cast would like to see in the next season, Pardo is excited about EZ leaning on his conviction. “Does it mean that nobody gets in the way, including his brother,” further teasing the conflict between EZ and Angel.

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