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Horror Author Stephen King Was Afraid To Watch Season 4 Finale Of Stranger Things

Stephen King was afraid to watch the Stranger Things finale
Stephen King and Vecna [Images The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and Stranger Things/YouTube]

As fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things know, the season 4 finale was pretty darn terrifying. In fact, the second part of the fourth season even scared acclaimed horror writer, Stephen King. But why was the King of Horror afraid to watch the final, cliffhanger episode of season 4 of the horror series? Read on to find out.

Stephen King and Stranger Things season 4 finale

As Stephen King fans know, their favorite horror author is very active when it comes to social media. In fact, he regularly opens up about his latest feelings on Twitter. Meanwhile, besides his best-selling horror novels, the author always has TV or movie adaptations in the works.

Coming soon is the Salem’s Lot series coming in fall this year, as well as a remake of the iconic book Christine. King’s Constant Readers are also excited about a new adaptation in the works of the author’s book, The Talisman.

Horror author Stephen King
Horror author Stephen King [Image The Late Show With Stephen Colbert /YouTube]

Meanwhile, the horror writer often comments on the talents of the Duffer Brothers, the guys responsible for the mega-hit Stranger Things. In fact, the talented brothers will be at the helm of The Talisman, so you know it is going to be good.

About Stranger Things

Stranger Things first debuted in 2016 and soon became a huge hit. Meanwhile, the Netflix series gets even scarier with each season. Readers, please note there are spoilers ahead for season 4 of Stranger Things!

Fans were left open-jawed by the epic finale of season 4 of Stranger Things when Vecna finally unleashed the Upside Down on Hawkins. The latest season on Netflix ended with two terrifying episodes, bringing shocking deaths and terrifying revelations.

Vecna in Stranger Things on Netflix
Vecna [Image Stranger Things/YouTube]

When season 4 was released in two parts in May and July, fans were not happy, including Stephen King himself. In fact, he took to Twitter to make himself heard after the first part aired. Now, the King of Horror has shared that he was afraid to watch the last episode of the second volume of season 4.

In his tweet, King wrote, “The penultimate episode of STRANGER THINGS is so good, and yet so full of dread, that I’m almost afraid to watch the last one.”

Stephen King and Twitter

Of course, this isn’t the first time Stephen King has tweeted about season 4 of Stranger Things. He recently opened up about his love for a new season 4 character, Yuri. In fact, the horror author even called for a spinoff show for the eccentric Russian character.

Besides Stranger Things, King regularly comments on various projects on his Twitter. For instance, he applauded Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass, as well as Showtime’s Yellowjackets. In fact, due to the author’s status in the horror genre, fans trust King when it comes to praise or criticism on various shows.

However, checking through King’s latest tweets, it is unclear whether the author has watched the terrifying finale of season 4. One thing is for sure, Stranger Things fans were terrified and shocked by the season 4 cliffhanger. However, obviously, they can’t wait for season 5 to arrive on Netflix!

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