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Big Sky Jesse James Keitel Teases Possible Season 3 Return


Big Sky Jesse James Keitel Teases Possible Season 3 Return

Big Sky spoilers and updates tease that Jesse James Keitel teased a possible return as Jerrie on the show’s upcoming season 3. Will she return in the third season?

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, the actress shared that her schedule is a bit complicated at the moment.

“But we’ll see. I love Jerrie, and I love Big Sky. There’s definitely some story to tell there. But I’m excited to be in the Queer as Folk cinematic universe, and to tell some stories that I’m really excited to tell,” the actress shared.

Jesse’s Journey in Queer As Folk

The actress described her role in Queer as Folk as “groundbreaking.” Her alter ego, Ruthie, “makes a lot of mistakes” because she’s “allowed to be messy.” She has a unique and complicated relationship with Brodie.

“There are some really beautiful, powerful, intimate scenes on the show that I don’t know if audiences are prepared for. I think it’s cool, getting to just be a trans woman who’s treated like any other character would be,” the actress revealed.

In the show, Ruthie is permitted to make mistakes so she can learn and grow from them. This isn’t how other trans characters are portrayed on TV. Keitel said that these characters are often “put on a pedestal,” given an “angelic treatment,” and “can do no wrong.” Her character is someone that goes through struggles as an adult, just like people in real life, whether they’re queer or not.

Big Sky Jesse James Keitel Teases Possible Season 3 Return

When Will Big Sky Return?

Big Sky is created by David E. Kelley. The ABC crime drama is based on C.J. Box’s The Highway. Season 1 debuted in November 2020 while season 2 premiered in September 2021. Season 3 is scheduled to air on September 21.

It followed the story of two private detectives who worked together to find two missing sisters in Montana. The show features Katheryn Winnick, Kylie Bunbury, Brian Geraghty, and Valerie Mahaffy, to name a few.

Jensen Ackles, who made a guest appearance in the season 2 finale will reportedly be appearing as a show regular in the upcoming third season. Additionally, Reba McEntire will also join the cast as Sunny Brick, the matriarch of the Brick family. Fans may recognize McEntire from shows like Last Man Standing, Young Sheldon, and Malibu Country.

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