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Big Brother Spoilers: Paloma Aguilar Speaks Out About Her Eviction


Big Brother Spoilers: Paloma Aguilar Speaks Out Her Eviction

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Paloma Aguilar is ready to speak out after she was evicted from the house. Even though there are plenty of viewers and other houseguests who feel like she was booted by another cast member, Paloma says that this is all in the game.

Paloma’s Instagram Posts

Paloma was quick to share with her fans that she still has love for the cast and has no hard feelings about being evicted from the house. She also shared, “I left because of an ongoing mental health battle I face which began once inside the walls of an idealistic utopia of a reality set. A reality that was far from the reality of my San Digeo life.”

She mentioned that she had become pretty much “obsessed” with playing the game and it really was taking over her mind. This was not a good combination of things for her and that was when she knew she had to leave. She told her fans that she would only get about two to four hours of sleep each night and the game was eating her up.

Big Brother Spoilers: Paloma Aguilar Speaks Out Her Eviction

Paloma Returns to Life

There were a lot of scary moments in the Big Brother house for Paloma and she admits that she only saw the sun shine for five days and she would slowly become so out of touch with reality that it was not healthy for her mental state at all.

Now that she is back in her own reality, Paloma has mentioned how great it is to not be followed by cameras all the time and now she is trying to heal her mental state. The show “ate her alive” and now that she is back in San Diego, she can work on her life again. It doesn’t seem as if this is what she expected it to be and it looks like the cast members have to be pretty tough to get through it.

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