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Big Brother Alum Reacts To Daniel’s Crazy Outburst

Daniel Durston

Big Brother season 24 had had its fair share of drama in three weeks. One of the worst things that happened in the BB house is the mistreatment of Taylor Hale. From the moment she entered the BB house, it seemed that she was unfairly targeted. Paloma even said, “the moment I saw her I knew I wouldn’t like her.” Taylor didn’t have a chance.

Big Brother Spoilers – Shocking Scene

When Nicole and Taylor were chosen to play in the Veto this week, she was so upset that she went to her bedroom and cleared the room, then went under her covers and cried. Daniel went in to console her and the two went on and on about how they wanted Taylor out of the house. Meanwhile, Taylor and the other HGs were worried about Nicole and thought that perhaps something horrible had happened to her mother. Taylor asked Monte to say a prayer with her.

Later, Taylor went into the bathroom to console Nicole, she told her that she would understand if she had to throw in the towel because of her mother, and not to worry about them being festie besties. Nicole took the whole thing wrong and went to cry to Daniel. He in turn tore into Taylor who never saw it coming, Daniel even blamed her for Paloma’s exit while he was at it.

Big Brother Updates – Standing Up For Taylor

Even BB alums are standing up for Taylor. BB alum Janelle Pierzina called Daniel a punk and wants to be invited back to the house to tell him to his face.

During the nomination ceremony this week, Turner said he could have put up Taylor, the top house target, but he wasn’t going to add to the dog pile. Instead, he put up a major threat in the house, Ameerah and her bestie, Terrance. Taylor had tears in her eyes, Turner defending her against a house that has bullied her since she walked into it.

Week 3, in a majority vote, the houseguests sent Ameerah home. The house is obviously fed up with Nicole and Daniel’s antics and their anti-Taylor campaign. This was definitely happy Turner Appreciation Day, the BB hero!

Even in her goodbye message to Ameerah, Taylor had class and respect until the end.

True revenge would be if Taylor wins HOH, fingers crossed!

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