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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Winner And Daniel Stirs The Pot!

Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 is really heating up in week 4 with the Leftovers still controlling the house. SPOILERS BELOW!!

Big Brother Spoilers – Week 4

Monte has won the HOH for the week, Nicole is the target, and Daniel the following week if all goes well. Alyssa and Indy are the nominees. The Have Nots are Jasmine and Turner. Joseph, Monte, and Terrance have HOH safety.

The Veto draw brought Daniel and Kyle to play and they won the Veto for week 4.

Daniel’s initial plan was to get everyone in the house to turn against Indy and send her packing, but that hasn’t been going very well. Then he told Nicole that he wasn’t going to let Kyle use the Veto, “Please believe in me, I’m about to make something happen… I’ll make sure they don’t use Veto. Don’t relay anything.” Not sure how Daniel plans to do that.

Then Daniel comes up with a plan to make an alliance with Kyle, Alyssa, Jasmine, Nicole, and Terrance. He is planning to get Kyle on his side by telling him that Monte and Joseph are going to win the game.

Alyssa is smitten with Kyle, He may just realize last minute that even though he doesn’t want a showmance, he may find a good ally in her. But there is her jealousy when he is speaking to Taylor, and she has been super inappropriate with him, so maybe he just wants her out so he will have peace.

If Daniel doesn’t want to use the Veto and Kyle does, then it will be used, they don’t have to agree.

Big Brother Spoilers – Nicole On The Outs

Since Turner put the Taylor “bullying” on the table and got Ameerah axed, Nicole is feeling on the outs with the rest of the house. BB fans think she is close to losing it. When she sees dirty dishes in the kitchen, she thinks it is a tactic against her specifically!

Sadly, the whole campaign against Taylor changed fans’ opinions of her. They are wondering now why she switched from being a police officer to a chef, was it because she wasn’t good at handling people?

BB production is aware of Taylor’s treatment of Taylor and after she threatened to “beat Taylor’s ass” to Alyssa and Ameerah, she was called into the DR room ad left crying. That is when she told everyone to leave the room so she could be alone and afterward, when Taylor was sympathetic to how sad she was, Nicole’s reaction was to attack and have Daniel attack Taylor as well.

When the house saw how genuinely confused and hurt Taylor was by Daniel and Nicole coming at her it made them all realize that this girl hasn’t done anything to anybody to deserve this treatment.

In a perfect world, Taylor wins this whole game!

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