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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 4 HOH and Nominations – Nicole’s Days Are Numbered!

Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 is heating up and the new alliance called the “Leftovers” with Monte, Joseph, Michael, Taylor, Kyle, Brittany, and Turner, is taking control of the house.

Big Brother Spoilers – Week 4 HOH (SPOILERS BELOW)

Monte has won the HOH for week 4 and if everything goes according to plan, the Leftovers will be in charge this week as well. After the last few episodes the way Nicole and Daniel were acting, it will be no surprise that the Leftovers are going to target them. Turner was very clear in the last episode that he was tired of the dog pile that was the poor treatment of Taylor by the majority of the house. Fans were really not a big fan of Turner before but after his speech addressing the bullying, they really like him now.

Big Brother Updates – Nicole’s Time Is Running Out

With Monte being HOH, Nicole is the target and Daniel the following week if all goes well.

Redditors weigh in on the new targets, “after the last two episodes I cannot stand those two. If only they had the live audience they’d get the biggest boo’s on their way out the door lol,” and “I want a Nicole eviction only so we can see Daniel spiral. Nicole will be fine without Daniel but Daniel is nothing without Nicole,” and “I think the best bet is Nicole going this week. Put her and Taylor on the block and bring up the facade that it is finally time to send her out so she can stop coasting. I think Monte has been great in keeping up that façade,” and “I wish Daniel was the target this week.”

Alyssa and Indy are the nominees but the target is Nicole or Daniel, but plan B is Alyssa, depending on what happens with the Veto. The thing is, if the nominees are taken off the block with the Veto, the Leftovers would have to get Taylor’s permission to put her on the block with Nicole, to backdoor Nicole. But Taylor has been through a lot and this might be a really tough move for her going on the block again. Hopefully, they respect Taylor more than that and put up Daniel and Kyle, and backdoor Daniel first.

The Leftovers is a great alliance that is going to dismantle the current house of power, it is certainly going to be interesting in the next couple of weeks.

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