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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Winner And Blindside Butterbeans


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that it has been a strange couple of weeks in the new BB24 house. First Paloma is self-evicted, or so they say. Then Jasmine hurts her ankle and the game gets turned upside down to give her various advantages so she can stay in the game. SPOILERS below!!

Big Brother Spoilers – Week 3 Veto Winner

Last we saw the houseguests Michael and Brittany were put on the block by Turner who is the current HOH. Fast forward to the Veto competition and the two bestie festies win the POV and take themselves off the block. With that, a replacement nominee duo must be named and Turner named Ameerah and Terrance as the replacement nominees.

Big Brother Updates – Blindside Butterbeans

When Jasmine was the HOH and she had it in her mind to get rid of Pooch, in the diary room she called his impending demise, “blindside butterbeans.” The consensus among BB fans is that Ameerah is going to get a good taste of blindside butterbeans herself. Nicole and Daniel want Ameerah gone, but they don’t think they have the votes to make it happen so they are going to try and flip the house. So, Ameerah is the target and the fun begins.

All the “Girls Girls” are sulking and it is the perfect storm. If they didn’t want one of the girls to go home, then they should have talked Turner out of nominating Michael, he is a comp KING. When things get tough, Michael pulls through and crosses that finish line. Michael has won three Veto competitions in a row, he said that he wanted to manifest Janelle, looks like he really meant it.

Getting Ameerah out makes sense, she is smart, strong-willed and another comp beast. There actually could have been a chance that she won the whole game, so getting her out now would really make sense. Redditors weigh in on Ameerah going home, “Ameerah was too damn comfy in this game. She honestly thought she was so slick and had the game all wrapped up. Everything comes crashing down on her in a single moment,” and “You’re right, it DOES stink that Ameerah is going home so early. She’s honestly been one of the more likable female players. But the Girls’ Girls power has vanished, and the consequences of their actions have come back to haunt them.”

The one thing that is surprising here is why Taylor and Nicole were not put up for eviction.

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