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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations and Veto SNEAK PEEK


Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 is here and Daniel nabbed the first HOH win. So far, he has been playing very laid back and not working with the houseguests, so when it came to making a decision, it was a struggle for him. Although, Daniel has secured himself a final two deal with Nicole and a trio deal alliance with Pooch and Turner

Big Brother Spoilers – Nominations

Michael and Terrance have been nominated for eviction and really, it is no great surprise. It’s kind of sad though because Michael seems really awkward in the house like he never had a chance. And, Terrance is older, so he is a likely target. Looks like Daniel ended up going with the safer nominations, to avoid getting too much blood on his hands so early in the game. Although Daniel isn’t close to either of the nominees so his choices doo makes sense. If he was a bold player, he would have gotten rid of one of the jocks, but that could put a huge target on his back. Even Monte was heard on the live feeds to say that Daniel would be targeted if any of his bros went on the block.

There is the backstage pass that may come into play and one of the nominees could be saved. Julie did make it clear that even though the backstage pass people couldn’t be nominated, they could still be sent home. There is going to be more to this HOH than a usual one. And since Daniel has no idea what the backstage twist is, the safer route is probably a better choice overall.

A theory on the backstage pass, what if, the backstage boss takes over the HOH and gets to switch out one or more of the nominees with the people he chooses to be backstage with him. Julie did say that they were not safe. Or, the two nominees have to face off against two of the people backstage. In any event, it will certainly be interesting when it all plays out this week


Big Brother Updates – Veto

In the leaked photo of the first Veto competition of the season, it appears to be perhaps some kind of joust competition. It looks like two people will go head to head on either side of the middle.

What do you think about the first Veto competition of the season?

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