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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Taylor Is A Free Agent!


Big Brother: Taylor Hale

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that so far this season there has been no shortage of drama, especially when it comes to Paloma’s surprise exit from the house when she had first-week jitters and trouble sleeping in the house.

Big Brother Spoilers – Unfair Treatment

Taylor was treated unfairly by the Scorpio Sisters, but more so by Paloma who began rallying her alter-alliance, ‘Girls Girls’ and the rest of the house as well against Taylor, for no apparent reason. This was definitely the first time where an all-girls alliance targeted another girl. Although Taylor is not the only that has been treated unfairly, Indy has been called dumb and her fellow houseguests are wondering if the is using her language barrier to act stupid. And, in every other sentence, they are calling her a wild card. Both situations are not good, being excluded from groups or knowing that people are talking behind your back.

Big Brother Updates – Free Agent

Taylor is still in the game and now that Paloma is gone, she may just turn things around for herself and win this whole thing. She seems like a really nice person and the whole “first impression” was blown way out of proportion. If she gets close to the right people while the rest of the house is still counting her out, she could really find herself in a good position. Someone in the house needs to realize that she is a free agent and reel her in on their side. Perhaps Michael and Kyle can bring her in, it would be really good for their game. Taylor just needs to survive one more week, slide under the radar for a while, then become a comp beast and get out some of the stronger players.

Because Taylor has been the obvious target from the beginning of the game, nobody wants to talk game with her so Michael and Kyle would really have to keep any talking with her very hush-hush.

Essentially, Taylor has to start playing the game better. She took the girl’s game plan and ran to Monte with it, that was one of her big mistakes. She has to start connecting with people better and listening more. The fact that she thought there were no alliances in the house just shows how out of tune she is.

Taylor basically has another week or maybe two to step up her game, or for others to realize she is a free agent, or the end of her game maybe be coming faster than she wants.

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