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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Should Jasmine Be Forced To Leave The BB House?


Big Brother: Jasmine Davis

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Jasmine Davis’ injury shocked and confused BB fans. During the first half of the HOH competition in week 2 where she was going head-to-head with Terrance Higgins on an obstacle course, she somehow twisted her ankle.

Big Brother Spoilers – The Confusion

BB fans are all in a frenzy because they think Jasmine touched the ground during the challenge which would have sent her back to the starting point. Yet, production let her move on. And now, she is Turner’s partner which actually makes her safe for another week?! The last person down the wall in the competition, which was Turner, is automatically partnered with the previous week’s HOH. Clearly this is a HUGE advantage and one created to protect Jasmine until she can recover and compete in the house again. Redditors weigh in on the situation, “I think it’s ridiculous she gets to be safe AGAIN. If you’re out one week, okay fine. But indeterminate? No,” and “she should have been paired with the first person off the wall,” and “Jasmine is going to milk that injury for as long as possible, she gets way too much attention for it to try to actually let it heal.”

Big Brother Updates – To Leave Or Not To Leave?

Based on the camera angle it really is impossible for BB fans to see for sure if Jasmine’s foot hit the ground. Yet, unlike Christmas, Jasmine is burdening everyone in the house and milking her injury. Christmas was very self-sufficient, Jasmine is not. If it was something minor like a sprain, it would be understandable to keep her in the game, but with a torn ligament, she should probably be asked to leave the game and return in a future season where she can compete alongside the rest of the houseguests. BB fans are upset by the injustice of Jasmine’s injury, that she is getting a leg up in the game.

No matter how BB fans feel, the reality of the situation is that Christmas has already set a precedence for injuries on Big Brother. Granted she really broke her foot, but she was permitted to stay in the house and lasted until the final three. The only players who get thrown out of the house are those who get violent, or players leave on their own for their mental or physical health.

Regardless of what happens, Jasmine really is no threat to win. She is not that popular in the house or outside the house, and it has to do with the way she is playing the game strategically and socially, not her injury.

What do you think? Should Jasmine be asked to leave the house and return to another season when she is able to compete?

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