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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Julie Chen Moonves Spills More Clues


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that BB 24 is now mere hours away and fan-favorite host Julie Chen Moonves spilled some more clues in a Twitter post.

This is not the first time Julie has spilled clues about the season and fans are all buzzing about what they could mean.

Big Brother Spoilers – Clues

First Julie posted a photo of herself sitting atop a Big Brother sign that was in the water with a rubber duckie, beach ball and other floaties around, with mountains and palm trees behind her.

Then Julie posted another photo of herself looking upwards towards the sky with two houses behind her. In both teasers, she was wearing the same dress. Julie throwing back her head made BB fans think that just maybe BB24 could be a throwback season, or the two houses means the houseguests have to fight their way to get inside the main house, or there could be two BB houses this year. There actually was a season on BBAU where the house was divided into two equal halves, one for the haves and one for the have-nots. Could BBUS be modeling BBAU?

Big Brother Updates – Latest Clue

Julie Chen Moonves

In the latest clue, there are three emojis, a 2, another 2, and a 4. 2x2x4 =16. Maybe 16 houseguests? Or maybe the blocks mean that they are going to bring the Battle Of The Block twist from BB16 back.

BB fans weigh in on the latest clue on Reddit, “3 teams, Team Rock, Team Paper, Team Scissors. If you are HOH, you can only nominate people from the team that your team “beats,” and “she’s making a cutting motion with her fingers, I’m going to say that Dave Coulier is going to be a houseguest,” and “honestly duos is very possible. Would ESPECIALLY explain why they waited so long for the cast reveal cause if someone got dropped cause of covid last minute the whole pair would have to be dropped,” and “lots of references to the number 2, maybe a pairs thing? Maybe secret pairs like BB6, exes like BB4, or fake couples like BB9?” and “I hope they do the 2 houses idea because that’s a fun one! There were 2 hidden in one of the pictures (the one of her in the sand), so the ideas are 2 houses (I want but I don’t think is very likely 🙁 I can dream!), duos (obviously different from the duos we’ve seen in the past, I hope.., but I’m not too fond of this one), a second chance! (I doubt it because during all-stars and pre-season stuff was leaked a lot more and I just feel like more hints were given, but at the same time waiting to give a cast out last minute maybe because they want to hype us up about returnees!) “

What do you think the latest clue means?

Big Brother returns to CBS on July 6th for its 24th season with fan-favorite host, Julie Chen Moonves for a 90-minute premiere. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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