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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Is Daniel’s HOH The Worst Ever?

Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that BB 24 is here and Daniel Durston won the competition in the first episode for this season which garnered him the title of being the first HOH of the season.

Big Brother Spoilers – Daniel’s Strategy

Daniel appears to be using the “slow and steady” wins the race kind of HOH. He is being very calm and peaceful, but to the point that some BB fans are worried that he is taking it too far. He refuses to ask people to go into the HOH room and talk to him, to help him make his decision. Is he not concerned about getting blood on his hands this early in the game? It really isn’t about who he puts up or who goes home at this point, it is really about building a foundation with the other houseguests for his game moving forward. As HOH he has use of a private room where he can have one on one conversations with nobody else around, snooping around the corners and listening in on his conversations.

Here is what one BB fan had to say, “He has no idea what the actual house dynamics are and is getting enamored by the people who do not care about him. It’s not the worst first HOH ever but it’s not looking promising. It’s hard to watch someone have so much power and then do nothing with it. If he’s going to go after “easy” players get a strong alliance out of it. At this rate, he will get rid of someone who wouldn’t have had an issue with him at all and get no alliance out of it.”

Aside from his HOH, Daniel has secured himself a final two deal with Nicole and a trio deal alliance with Pooch and Turner.

In BB20 Tyler won the first HOH and everyone went to him and he was offered to join about four alliances. That BB house was a lot more active than BB24.

Big Brother Updates – BB First HOH Stats

Every BB winner who also won the first HOH; Lisa, Hayden, Rachel, Nicole F., and Cody, were able to get themselves into big alliances right from the start. This method really has a proven track record, so it will be interesting to see what Daniel’s laid-back approach does for his game. Hopefully, he doesn’t become a huge target in week two.

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