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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Dumbest Nomination Reason Ever!


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Jasmine won the second HOH of the season it was probably one of the dumbest competitions ever. The questions the HOH players were given were really easy and it almost seemed that only the right answer, either T for true or F for false were inside the pies that they had to get in with their mouths, not using their hands.

Big Brother Spoilers – Nominations

It was time for Jasmine to announce her nominations and she choose to nominate Pooch because he won the Backstage Boss! Really? What the heck does that have to do with nominating him? Pooch actually made a dumb move and offered himself up as a pawn, her reasoning for putting him up was dumb and his volunteering was dumber. Then, Jasmine nominates Taylor and says that she wants to respect the first HOH. Seriously, who does that? Is it Jasmine’s game or is she playing Daniel’s game? Redditors had a lot to say about Jasmine’s speech and her nominations, “oh it’s going to be so beautiful when pooch leaves,” and “Jasmine’s reasoning was horrible,” and “What are these horrific justifications?” and “I wanna give respect to the first HOH” ugh shut UP,” and “respect to the first HoH…yuck,” and “give respect to the first HOH is a very lame attempt to come up with a reason to put Taylor up.”

Big Brother Updates – Will Pooch Get Blindsided?

If Pooch does get blindsided the guys are going to go berserk. But if he does, Taylor can slide through a couple more weeks. If Pooch ever watched the BB he would know that pawns very often are sent home. Is he that confident that everyone likes him in the house and won’t send him packing? How does Pooch think that volunteering to be a pawn is going to build his resume in the house? Pawns are usually chosen because they are weak players.

Taylor has really gotten the short end of the stick since entering the house. She really does seem like a nice person and for people in the house to say they didn’t like her the moment they saw her is ridiculous. Hopefully, Taylor wins the Veto and takes herself off the block and Pooch goes home. That would certainly shake up the game and make it more interesting to watch.

And, we can only hope that no more nominations are made to respect another person’s HOH, that is just dumb!

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