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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Controversial Player Removed From The House

Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that season 24 has had no shortage of drama so far.

Big Brother Spoilers – A Major Alliance

The Scorpio Sisters’ “secret” alliance included Alyssa and Paloma who fans believed were a pretty strong alliance that would make it far in the game. In fact, many BB fans felt that Paloma may have made it to the final two. Although, Pooch became the Backstage Boss and he choose Alyssa, Paloma, and Brittany to be his Backstagers, which meant that they could not be nominated for eviction but they could also not compete in the Veto, although one of them could be eliminated.

Big Brother Updates – The Target

Early on, the Scorpio Sisters, but more so Paloma, began targeting Taylor who meshed well with the boys in the house. Less than 24 hours in the house and the Scorpio Sisters, in their side alliance with other women in the house called the “Girls Girls” alliance, were targeting another girl, Taylor.

One day before eviction, Paloma was removed from the Big Brother house. Paloma blames it on lack of sleep, “I physically cannot sleep in this house, I really want to leave.” HOH Daniel told the houseguests, “Due to a personal matter, Paloma will no longer be continuing in the Big Brother game. She wanted to pass along that she loves you all and wishes you all the best.”

BB fans are not buying it. Paloma was shrouded in controversy just before her exit about making negative comments that she and other houseguests were making about a fellow Black houseguest, Taylor Hale and fans were upset when they saw Taylor sobbing alone in the bathroom. Other houseguests even said they didn’t like her from the moment they saw her, who says that?

Xavier Prather, the BB season 23 winner even came out in Taylor’s defense, “Change is a MUST! Until then, I know my fellow Michigander will keep her head high and stand tall like the Queen that she is.”

What do you think of Paloma’s exit? Do you think she left the house because she couldn’t sleep, or do you think it was because of the controversy in the way she turned immediately against Taylor and started targeting her for eviction?

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