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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Are Convos Pointless And Boring On The Feeds?

Big Brother

Big Brother life feeds are up and the summer edition of BB is officially here. BB fans are watching the live feeds and some of them are not that impressed.

Spoilers Alert:

So far we are one week out and Daniel is the HOH, Taylor and Terrance are the nominees, Pooch is safe as the Backstage Boss, and Joseph, Kyle, Michael, and Monte volunteered to be Have Nots. Alyssa, Brittan, and Paloma could not be nominated, but can still be evicted and Michael won the Veto.

Big Brother Spoilers – Live Feeds

Loyal BB fans are on the live feeds sometimes 3, 5, or even 8 hours in a row. They love seeing the convos behind the scenes to get a real feel for the gameplay decisions and the alliances that form.

Some BB fans are not that happy with the feeds, “I’ve been listening to feeds for 3 hours and the convos are so pointless and boring. This cast is officially DUD. I never experienced that before except in BB22. Low energy / They talk about their life and it’s not interesting. Some houseguests are saying they are tired of the game talk….there is absolutely no game talk, how could you be tired…and it’s week 1,” and “I think the casting was lazy and just picked a bunch of influencers and this is what we got.”

Big Brother Updates – The Twist

Aside from the boring feeds, there is a twist coming and BB fans believe that it is going to be targeted at Alyssa because Paloma has been more of a start in week one with running circles around the other houseguests and they all appear to love her. She is playing really hard and hopefully doesn’t come back to bite her. The theory is that production will not let the twist effect Paloma because of her standing in the game. But Paloma’s days could be numbered because she is not a fan of Taylor and is showing insecurity and jealousy towards her, and Taylor is like one of the guys.

One thing is for sure if Paloma makes it to the jury, there is going to be a lot of drama coming to the feeds.

What do you think? Should Marvin have been fired for being on other reality shows regardless if he lied?

Big Brother returns to CBS on July 6th for its 24th season with fan-favorite host, Julie Chen Moonves for a 90-minute premiere. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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