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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Another HUGE Blindside Coming



Big Brother season 24 is here and we have already had one major blindside with Pooch being evicted from the BB house when he was 100% sure that everyone loved him and there was absolutely no way he would be evicted. Fast forward to the present week and there is another blindside storm coming.

Big Brother Spoilers – Current Standings

The present standings in the house are that Turner is the HOH, Jasmine has HOH safety (a new twist added for Jasmine), Michael and Brittany were on the block but won the Veto and took themselves off, Ameerah and Terrance are the replacement nominees, Pooch left the house last week and Paloma self-evicted.

Nicole is not happy that Ameerah was put on the block, “Nicole: “If you [Ameerah] go home on Thursday, I’m going to raise hell.” That is certainly a stab in the back for Terrance who considers himself Nicole’s best friend in the house. It certainly will be interesting to see how Terrance reacts to his BFF raising hell because he was not evicted.

Big Brother Updates – MAJOR Blindside

Ameerah is on her way out, she is getting a bad rap in the house partly because she said she makes 250k a year, and it’s “not a lot of money.” Bad game move and if her co-workers are watching, they are probably none too pleased.

Nicole, Daniel, and of course Ameerah is rooting for her to stay and she has 99% confidence that she is going nowhere. Redditors are calling them delusional, cocky and arrogant, and more, “It’s so funny because they legit think they run the house. They also think they’re playing perfectly. Can’t wait to see their faces on Thursday.

Ameerah still not talking with Turner should be a huge red flag to her alliance. She’s not willing to fight to stay in the game. Not that he would stay at this point but at least try.
She doesn’t think she needs to, she thinks she’s safe

It will be interesting to see Ameerah’s reaction when Julie reads the vote this week and her 99% sure that she is staying. She said if she does go out, the 1%, she is going out with a bang! Will she reveal dirty HG secrets from the house and try to throw someone under the bus on her way out?

Thursday is going to be a great night of Big Brother. Nicole promises Ameerah, “if you go home on Thursday, I am going to turn this house f*cking UPSIDE DOWN,” and BB fans can’t wait to see it happen!

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