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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Ameerah’s Highlight Of The Summer


Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 is off and running wild. Turner is probably going to go down as one of the best HOHs in BB history. Kind of reminds us of Dr. Will Kirby from way back when.

Big Brother Spoilers – Targeting Taylor

Nicole really has her sights set on getting Taylor out of the house, to the point that when Taylor tried to be empathetic to her, Nicole viciously attacked her and fans were not happy about it, “Nicole lashing out at Taylor was her way of justifying throwing the competition. Make Taylor into the bad guy and say you can’t protect her when really you have been trying to get her evicted. I think Nicole knows that Taylor is a good person, but needed to convince herself that targeting her was the right move, not just the easy move.”

Jasmina is the biggest HG fail this summer. She sprained her ankle, she is going to faint, she is afraid of heights! Yet, the HG supported her by putting her mental health first by bailing on the Veto competition and tearing Taylor to shreds when she was putting Nicole’s mental health first above the competition in the game.

Ameerah, Daniel, and Nicole thought they were running the game, but that is no longer the case.

Big Brother Spoilers – Ameerah

Ameerah is convinced that she has the power in the house, along with Daniel and Nicole, and that Taylor is going home. She even went into the diary room and laughed at how easy the game was and is feeling like the “highlight of the summer.” Little does she know, the new alliance called the Leftovers are going to shock her as much as they did with Pooch.

The light from this HOH is seeing Taylor being asked to join the new Leftover alliance. After three weeks, Nicole’s treatment of her in this episode reached an all-time low. Even when Taylor was unnecessarily apologizing, Nicole was brutal to her.

The Leftovers alliance is definitely becoming a quick fan favorite, especially since everyone outside of that alliance treated Taylor so horribly. In Taylor’s defense, she handled all the backlash from Nicole and Daniel like a champ, she definitely handles high-stress situations very well.

On Thursday, the leftovers are about to become the main course, bring your appetite!

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