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Yellowstone: Cole Hauser & Kelly Reilly Drop Season 5 Teases

Yellowstone: Cole Hauser & Kelly Reilly Drop Season 5 Teases

Let’s face it, Yellowstone fans are impatient for season 5 to drop on Paramount and it turns out the cast is also looking forward to it. In fact, while filming the new upcoming season they are dropping the odd tease while trying not to show us too much. One good thing is that, unlike the previous season, we didn’t get hit with a major cliffhanger prior to airing.

Yellowstone season 5 and Kelly Reilly

Right now, season 5 of Yellowstone is filming and at least one cast member couldn’t stay away from Instagram and his fans. Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, and Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, have made some fun hints on Instagram to tease their fans. Cole’s Instagram post had the simple caption, “Let’s go to work! @yellowstone @paramountnetwork S5 coming @emersonmiller.”

Cole Hauser teases season 5 of Yellowstone
[Image @colehauser22/Instagram]

Now, while Beth doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, Kelly Reilly does, as she was quick to comment, writing simply, “Giddy up.” The fun is definitely in the comments, where one fan wrote, “Giddy up Beth Dutton style!” and another, “I hope we get to see Beth on a horse in Season 5.”

Fans were definitely more excited about Kelly’s comment than the original post, with another writing, “You are the best actress of your generation. I adored you!” Among the other responses, one fan referred to Kelly as “The queen!!!!!! while another brought up the horse subject again.

Even more important was the fan who asked Cole and Kelly, “Why have you not won a Golden Globe and Emmy ?” Why, indeed!

When will season 5 debut on Paramount

As fans know well, season 5 of Yellowstone is set to drop on the Paramount Network on November 13. While they don’t want to chase away summer, it is fair to say that fans are having difficulty being patient.

Directly addressing Cole this time, one fan commented, writing, “I am too excited @colehauser22 @yellowstone @paramountnetwork ❤ forever.”

Meanwhile, another referred to his acting skills, writing, “Easily one of the best television characters of all time.”

As we wait for season 5, there will surely be other gentle teases by the Yellowstone cast on social media. What do you think, readers? Do you want more teases about the fifth season of your favorite show? Let us know your feelings by dropping a comment below.

In the meanwhile, let’s be patient until season 5 of Yellowstone arrives on the Paramount Network on November 13, 2022,

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