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Big Brother Spoilers: The “Cookout” Is Back!


Big Brother The Cookout

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that Big Brother season 24 is only weeks away and last season the first black winner, Xavier Prather, was a historic accomplishment thanks to a successful alliance called The Cookout which included Xavier, Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, Hannah Chaddha, and Tiffany Mitchell. Derek was the one who went around to everyone and got them to work together, but Zavier is the one who came up with the name which ultimately garnered his win of $750,000. Xavier had this to say, “To simplify it, you can simply say we were [just] an alliance. Now granted, the reason that we all together transcend the game, but when you’re in the alliance in the Big Brother house your goal is to get out every other person who’s not in that alliance, and that was what we did. “I came to this game wanting to do anything and everything I could to make sure that Big Brother season 23 would be remembered as crowing the first Black winner in US history. Fortunately, that was me. But if it was Tiffany, if it was Hannah, Ky, Big D, or Azah, I would’ve been just as happy.”

Big Brother Spoilers – More Of The Cookout

Now, in a surprise return to TV, Xavier Prather, who was the mastermind behind the Cookout and the winner of BB23 is set to compete in The Challenge: the USA this summer on CBS. And, other BB alums will be joining him. From The Cookout, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, and Azah Awasum, along with Enzo Palumbo (BB12,22), Angela Rummans (BB20), Derek Xiao (BB23), Alyssa Lopez (BB23), and David Alexander (BB 21, 22).

The Challenge

Big Brother Spoilers – About The Challenge

When the players arrive at the start of the game they are given $1,000 each to being their individual challenge account. During the game, they will battle to keep their money and increase it. There is also a grand prize of $500,00 and the winner will get a spot on The Challenge: Global Championship. Aside from all the BB alums playing, there are also alums from Survivor, Love Island, and The Amazing Race. The host of the show is T.J. Lavin and it is currently the longest-running reality show. Fans weigh in on BB alums being on The Challenge, “Super excited to see Tiffany, Derek X on my screens again and a little excited for Angela, Enzo, and Xavier. Could do without Kyland considering his exit during BB23, Azah because she was so boring during BB23, and David because I don’t see what producers see in him,” and “Kyland’s exit makes him the person from BB23 most suited to do the actual Challenge show. It’s a show about taking dramatic people from other shows to have more drama, and Kyland was by far the most dramatic one in BB23.”

Big Brother returns to CBS on July 6th for its 24th season with fan-favorite host, Julie Chen Moonves for a 90-minute premiere. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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