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Big Brother Spoilers: More BB Alum Heading To The Amazing Race

Big Brother Spoilers: More BB Alum Heading To The Amazing Race

Big Brother season 24 is just around the corner, the premiere date is set for July 6th for a 90-minute premiere and fans are getting really excited and looking to find anything they can about their favorite show.

Big Brother Spoilers – Fan Favorite Crossovers

Jeff and Jackie were on a blind date and competing on The Amazing Race 26 and placed seventh. They later appeared on BB17 as mystery houseguests, unfortunately they didn’t do well on either show.

Rachel and Brandon have a long history, they appeared in BB12 where they first met each other, then BB13 and Rachel took the win. The two then went on to appear on season 20 and 24 of The Amazing Race, and in season 31 Rachel appeared with her sister. Although Rachel and Brandon never won, Rachel broke a record for the most legs raced in the show’s history.

Jeff and Jordan first met and competed in BB11 and Jordan took the win. They returned again in BB13, Jeff finished seventh and Jordan fourth. In between those two seasons, Jeff and Jordan competed on The Amazing Race. They had a good start but ended up getting eliminated in seventh place.

Nicole and Victor were an immediate hit on BB18, but they only began their romance after the season aired and Nicole took the win. After getting engaged, Nicole and Victor competed in The Amazing race 31 and were a very strong team. They finished fourth and became enemies with Rachel and Brandon who were on the same season.

Big Brother Spoilers: More BB Alum Heading To The Amazing Race

Big Brother Updates – Who Is Heading To Amazing Race In 2022?

Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao met on BB23, they had a connection inside the BB house but didn’t explore anything until they arrived in the jury house. Claire shared her thoughts on why they didn’t connect inside the house, “Once you’re off camera, that’s when you really, really get to know who a person is and you can really be vulnerable and you can really be open and really talk about a lot of things from your life.”

Derek was evicted on day 51 and Claire on day 65. And now, like other BB alums before them, Claire and Derek are competing on The Amazing Race 34. Fans are already buzzing about Claire and Derek being on The Amazing Race, here is what they had to say,

“The Amazing Race community is gonna have to experience the crazy ride of the Delusional Claire Club ,” and “they could really be a force, both super intelligent and athletic,” and “I’ll have to see the rest of the cast but I think they could be solid winner picks. I’m not sure how good they are with directions lmao but other than that they’re athletic, intelligent and seemingly pretty well travelled. Claire also seems like someone who would have taken a map reading class or done some other mega preparation,” and “Love this so much!!! Rooting for my girl Claire and her man getting all the coin.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Derek and Claire on The Amazing Race? How far do you think they can get?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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