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Big Brother Spoilers: Behind The Scenes – A BB Alum’s Perspective


Big Brother

Big Brother is heading into its 24th season this summer and fans are all buzzing about what will happen this summer. Who will the cast be? What will be the theme? What kind of competitions will there be? While we are waiting for all those answers to be revealed, here is a little bit of the scene look according to one of Big Brother’s most famous alums.

Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly is no stranger to reality television. She joined Big Brother season 12 where she met fellow houseguest Brendon Villegas who she went on to marry. Although neither Rachel nor Brendon won season 12, the two returned to Big Brother a year later for season 13 and Rachel took the win. Rachel also made guest appearances in seasons 14, 15, and 20. As well, she has made a guest appearance on Big Brother Canada. Post Big Brother, Rachel participated in The Amazing Race 20 and 24 with Brendon and 31 with her sister. The couple also participated in Celebrity Fear Factor and now, later this year Rachel will be competing in a new reality show hosted by Alan Cumming, probably best known for his portrayal of Eli in The Good Wife. The show will be set in the Scottish Highland for Peacock called “The Traitors.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Behind The Scenes

Being a seasoned competitor in reality TV shows Rachel has given BB fans some behind-the-scenes tidbits. She says that the auditioning process is very long and BB house is actually not a house, it is like a movie set. She had to meet with casting teams, producers, and the network before having her application approved. Besides all the interviews, there are psychological evaluations and medical tests. Before entering the BB house, she was kept in a hotel room alone for seven days. Before arriving at the hotel, she had to give up her laptop, phone, iPods, and basically any device that gave access to the internet. The room didn’t have a phone, no TV, no alcohol, and no access to any hotel amenities. The only thing she could do was puzzles, games, and cards and she had a DVD player that had some previous Big Brother episodes on it.

Those seven days seem really tough and Rachel said that one person didn’t even make it past that experience and bailed before going into the BB house.

The Big Brother set has very thin walls with cameras and microphones everywhere. The crew spends countless hours listening and watching to come up with the content and Rachel credits them to be the real heroes that make Big Brother possible for us die-hard fans.

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