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Big Brother Spoilers: BB CAN Vs. BB US, Vote Now!


Big Brother

Big Brother Canada 10 just ended and what an amazing season it was with Kevin Jacobs taking home the win and Marty Frenette taking home Canada’s Favorite Houseguest. With that in mind, it was just announced by CBS that Big Brother US season 24 has a release date, July 6th, where it will premiere its opening episode over 90minutes.

Big Brother Spoilers – BB CAN

Fan-favorite Arisa Cox is the host of BB CAN and many fans and publications call the show superior to the US version that it is based on. Some of the things fans love about BB CAN: Canada got to vote to decide who would be the final Houseguest in season 2 (and other seasons) and in a twist, Canada joined the first six jurors from the full jury. Fans like to have a say on who goes in the house and who wins. And it wouldn’t be BB CAN without making honorable mention of Marsha the Moose voiced by the producer Trevor Boris. The sets on BB CAN are flashier and they are not afraid of having some really big game-changing twists. They cast fewer influencers and people just looking for their 15 minutes of fame, instead, they cast interesting people who REALLY want to play the game. There is way more diversity and there usually isn’t one alliance that dictates the whole game. The best, the HOH does not play in the VETO. Fans weigh in on their thoughts on BB CAN, “BBCan gives them activities to do that actually add to the entertainment value (like personal challenges to random individual houseguests) get each houseguest to tell a lie to another houseguest and you win a party for the house,” and “personally I think that there is not a single dud season of BBCAN.”

The winner of BB CAN wins a grand prize of $100,000, as well as additional prizes from the show’s sponsors, while the runner-up receives a $20,000 cash prize.

Big Brother Updates – BB US

Long-time host, Julie Chen Moonves, is definitely a fan fav and her best catchphrase, “expect the unexpected.” BB fans love BB US but there are things that they don’t like about the show. Too many alliances and sometimes they decide the entire fate of the house. The challenges are weak, not exciting or crazy like the BB CAN challenges. Too many influencers and wannabees, and the celebrity editions include celebs that are lower than D-listers. Fans want more from BB US, better themes, harder competitions, and back to real slop. Here is what some fans had to say, “HoH not playing in veto is the best change and the one I hope to GOD (see I’m on your side Julie) comes to the US. It promotes the fact you need to cultivate relationships instead of always beasting vetos to get your way,” and “BB Can is an exciting reality game show. BBUS was an exciting reality game show,” and “You watch the US with popcorn. You enjoy CAN with red gummy bears.”

To BB US’s credit, to promote diversity, CBS announced a new rule for Big Brother that 50% of all contestants must be a person of color or an indigenous person for the 2021–2022 season.

The prize this year again is $750,000, which was increased last year from $500,000. There is also $75,000 awarded to America’s favorite player.

What do you think? BB CAN or BB US, which one is best?

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