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Big Brother 24 Spoilers: BB Alums Have Some Advice For The New Houseguests


Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers and updates tease Big Brother season 24 is almost here and BB alums have some advice for the all-new houseguests.

Big Brother Spoilers – BB Alums

There have been a lot of great players on BB and some not-so-great. Xavier Prather was one of the great ones, he won BB23 and was crowned the winner with a unanimous vote. BB fans will recall that Xavier was a member of the King’s alliance and was pretty low-key in the early days. He pretended to be a bartender and ended up turning on his alliance to join Tiffany Mitchell and others in the Cookout alliance. He had a final two deal with Kyland Young and ended up sending him packing which made Kyland very upset, when he left the house he asked Xavier If his nephew would respect his gameplay. In the end, Xavier’s gave was impressive and he won over the jury to be crowned the first Black winner in Big Brother U.S. history. Now, Xavier is joining other BB alums in competing in the new season of The Challenge and had these words to say to the new houseguests, “go in the house and be kind and respectful to everyone, that can go a long way in the social aspect of the game.”

Tiffany who created the famous Cookout alliance in BB24 says, “watch out for those duos and keep your mouth shut and listen.”

Kyland, who got backstabbed and evicted by his final two, Xavier, said, “make sure you that you are constantly adapting to the game as it changes.”

Alyssa Lopez was a member of the King’s alliance with Xavier and she came into the BB house wanting to lie low and have fun. On day 65 she was nominated in a double eviction and Hannah Chaddha promised she was just a pawn, but Alyssa ended up being sent to the jury house. Her advice is, “overthink everything, that is why I think I didn’t have a chance, I believed everything I heard.”

Big Brother Updates – Fan’s Reaction

BB23 was a very popular season mostly due to the Cookout alliance and the first Black player winning the season. Here is what fans had to say about the alum’s advice, “I mean Alyssa played fine. Her only “mistake” was not being in the cookout, which she had no control over,” and “her mistake was not realizing there was a cookout, which is a pretty big mistake. Even after basically being told there was a cookout she still didn’t get it,” and “Xavier and Tiffany gave the best advice,” and “I actually quite like Alyssa’s advice. I think overthinking is why Nicole F always does pretty good in the game.”

What do you think of their advice? Do you think it will help the new houseguests?

Big Brother returns to CBS on July 6th for its 24th season with fan-favorite host, Julie Chen Moonves for a 90-minute premiere. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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