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Yellowstone Season 5 Teaser: Kelly Reilly Hints At Beth’s Future

Yellowstone Season 5 Teaser: Kelly Reilly Hints At Beth’s Future

Yellowstone season 5 is currently in production and fans already know they have to wait until November 13 for it to drop. However, in an interview, Kelly Reilly has teased Beth Dutton’s ongoing story which makes the upcoming season even more exciting. Read on to find out what Kelly had to say about her character’s journey in the upcoming fifth season of Yellowstone.

Kelly Reilly teases Beth Dutton’s story in Yellowstone season 5

As Yellowstone fans know, Kelly Reilly’s character, Beth, is unpredictable but is also known for her obstinacy. In fact, you feel you never know just how far she will go to get what she wants. In fact, in some ways, she is even more aggressive than her father. There is no way she will back down in her efforts to protect the ranch. This could even mean blackmailing her brother, Jamie.

Reilly spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the challenges her character will be facing in the upcoming season. She also made it pretty clear that things will likely get even crazier from now on.

The problem is, how do we top it every year, right? Just when I think Beth might be trying to mellow down a little bit — she’s a married woman — that’s not happening. I mean, the married woman part’s happening but the calming down. So, it’s just, the fierceness is legitimately ramping up.

As fans know well, Beth is the type of person who can take on the difficult tasks that others would shy away from. Meanwhile, Kelly’s character is always loyal, as long as others give her loyalty in return.

We will have to wait until November 13 for the fifth season of Yellowstone to drop, but we are also getting excited about the new season,

Kelly Reilly talks 1932

During the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly also spoke about the upcoming prequel, 1932. Saying she had only recently heard about the prequel, she added that she would love to star in it. However, of course, this just isn’t possible. Kelly added that the characters are her ancestors, saying it started with Tim (McGraw), Faith (Hill) and Isabel (May).

We recently reported that Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are set to headline the new prequel. However, while Reilly won’t have the chance to work alongside Mirren in 1932, she has worked with the British actor before. She said she takes solace in the fact that Mirren was the first professional actor she ever worked with. It turns out Kelly appeared on the UK drama series Prime Suspect when she was 16, alongside Helen Mirren.

Readers are you excited about the upcoming season 5 of Yellowstone? Also, are you looking forward to the latest prequel, 1932? Let us know your thoughts below.

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