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Why Will There Be No Season 2 Of The Pentaverate On Netflix?

Mike Myers in the Netflix comedy The Pentaverate
Mike Myers [Image Netflix/YouTube]

When Netflix first announced the arrival of the comedy series The Pentaverate, starring Mike Myers, it sounded hopeful. The series featured Myers returning to his original roots while playing multiple players which sounded like fun. However, the show failed to draw the viewership the streamer was hoping for. Meanwhile, that isn’t the reason why there will be no season 2.

No season 2 for The Pentaverate on Netflix

Six episodes of The Pentaverate dropped on Netflix on May 5. Meanwhile, the comedy series tells the story of a Canadian journalist who gets in over his neck. He dared to investigate a mysterious conspiracy group called The Pentaverate, one that was similar to other groups like The Illuminati.

The Pentaverate on Netflix
The Penaverate [Image Netflix/YouTube]

The Netflix original series was labeled season 1 all along, leading fans to believe there could be a second season. In fact, the reason why the comedy isn’t returning for a second season is that it was designed that way. It’s just that Netflix labeled it “season 1” instead of “limited series.”

Confusion over whether it was a limited series

What’s On Netflix looked back on the promotion for the series and they did, in fact, refer to a limited series in its early development. In fact, in June 2021, Deadline actually referred to The Pentaverate as a “half-hour comedy limited series.” However, later articles didn’t mention that it was, in fact, a limited series.

Meanwhile, it was the fact that Netflix labeled the show as “season 1” instead of a mini-series that caused the confusion. In fact, Digital Spy also believed there were plans for the story to continue, but it was not to be. It turns out that the streamer has been giving a new label to their limited series as “event” titles. In fact, the trailer for The Pentaverate referred to it as a “comedy series event.”

The Pentaverate had a satisfactory conclusion

Meanwhile, for those who did enjoy the show, season 1 wrapped up nicely with no dreaded cliffhangers. This means there actually wasn’t any need for a second season.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen The Pentaverate yet.

By the end of season 1 of the Netflix comedy the hero, Ken Scarborough had successfully taken down the Pentaverate. After major changes, the group was renamed the Septaverate, as it now had seven rather than five members.

So, how well did the comedy series do on Netflix? Unfortunately, not very well at all. It never reached the global top 10 list released by the streamer for performance between May 2 and May 8. This means it achieved less than 10.85 million hours viewed.

However, some viewers did enjoy it and let people know on Twitter. Sometimes it is just a case of individual taste and preferences.

Those who are interested in watching the show despite its performance can check out the trailer here.


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