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This Is Us Star Mandy Moore ‘Threw Up’ Reading Penultimate Script

Mandy Moore of This Is Us interviewed by Jimmy Fallon
This Is Us star Mandy Moore [Image The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

On Tuesday, This is Us star Mandy Moore appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. At first, Moore spoke of how weird it was when she was last interviewed by Jimmy. In fact, the previous interview happened just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leading to her and Jimmy having no audience. However, Mandy and Jimmy then got down to the final two episodes of NBC’s hit drama series, This Is Us. Moore was clearly emotional during that interview.

Mandy Moore of This Is Us ‘destroyed’ by penultimate script

Talking about the ending of NBC’s long-running hit drama This Is Us, Mandy Moore explained her reaction to reading the script of the penultimate episode. She said that the penultimate episode, which airs in a week made her throw up after she read it.

Mandy Moore of This Is Us interviewed by Jimmy Fallon
Mandy Moore and Jimmy Fallon [Image The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

Moore added that maybe, that’s because it is really close to the bone for her. She said the show has been her life for the past six years. This means she has to say goodbye to her character and her “family and friends on set.” However, her character also coincidentally says goodbye as well, so there is a lot wrapped up in that episode.

Warning readers, she added, “But I still think that, like, you might need a day off from work.”

About Tuesday’s episode

Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us concluded with Moore’s character, Rebecca Pearson, reaching the end of her life. Meanwhile, the episode was followed by a teaser for next week’s penultimate episode. The clip revealed the Big Three saying their final goodbyes to their mother.

No doubt fans are now worried about needing a day off from work after the penultimate episode. However, while fans were already emotional, Moore says the series finale will make up for it. According to Mandy, the finale is “a bit more of a hug.” She thinks there is a little bit more levity. However, she did stress that the second-to-last episode destroyed her. She added that she feels it might destroy viewers too.

This Is Us scenes filmed three years ago

Meanwhile, Jimmy mentioned that parts of the final episodes were filmed three years ago. Mandy said she didn’t even remember how emotional it was, mainly because they jump around in the show while filming. She explained that in the show, children keep growing older, so they wanted to catch every moment.

Moore said that Dan Vogelman, the show’s creator, showed them clips of the scenes, she really didn’t remember. However, having written it, Dan had the entire show in his head. He saved the moments for the last two episodes of the show.

When asked if she kept any souvenirs from the show, Mandy said she and Milo Ventimiglia did one last lap of the Pearson household. Between them, they took some of the family photos off the wall and replaced the empty frames. Moore said they were going to throw the pictures away anyway, but they meant something to them. She also took the Steelers jersey

from the Super Bowl episode and her character’s wedding ring. Mandy added that these were the sentimental things she wanted to keep.

Watch Mandy speaking to Jimmy in the clip below:

Catch the penultimate episode of This Is Us on NBC, Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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