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The Blacklist Season 9 Finale – Will Red Risk Damaging Friendships?


The Blacklist Season 9 Finale - Will Red Risk Damaging Friendships?

It’s set to arrive on the small screen thisweek, and things are going to get even crazier on The Blacklist Season 9 finale.

Marvin is nowhere to be found and viewers can expect that’s going to be a big problem for Raymond Reddington. Marvin could expose Red’s secrets and get him, as well as those close to him, killed. It would be a wise guess to assume that Redington wants Marvin dead, but Cooper obviously still needs him alive. Continue reading and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

The Blacklist – Can Cooper and Reddington Compromise Once More?

One thing viewers have learned since 2013 when the Blacklist first aired on NBC is that neither Cooper nor Reddington are known for keeping one another informed of their plans. However, it is becoming painfully clear that if the pair has any plans of moving forward, they’re going to need to be more cooperative.

The question remains, though, how could the two compromise? Cooper either needs to find a patsy or get Marvin to take all the heat. Either way, Reddington is going to need to be kept happy. The stubborn dynamic between the two key characters is what is going to make this season’s finale the most exciting.

The Blacklist – Will Marvin’s Endgame Spell ‘The End’ for Marvin?

No matter what happens between Cooper and Reddington, it is not looking good for Marvin. It’s difficult to imagine a way that Marvin will manage to survive season 9. Fisher Stevens as Marvin Gerard has played a major role in The Blacklist for the last several seasons of the show but it’s difficult to imagine a way where Reddington, not known for leaving loose ends, would let him go on living.

It should be interesting to find out if Marvin survives and, if not, how the endgame will playout for the shadow lawyer. Red knows it was Cooper and his task force that let Marvin escape so it seems highly unlikely that they will be working together for the finale.

The Blacklist Season 9 Finale - Will Red Risk Damaging Friendships?

The Blacklist – Will Red Risk Damaging Friendships by Killing Marvin?

Red needs to realize that killing Marvin won’t bring Liz back. What it will do is hurt the task force by screwing Cooper over and, of course, it will harm his friendships with Dembe, Mierce, and Weecha.

Though viewers have seen Red at odds with the task force plenty of times it is still difficult to get an idea about what The Blacklist Season 9 (finale) has in store for viewers.

Be sure and tune in to NBC on May 27 at 7 PM CST for the explosive season finale. Return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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