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Quantum Leap Reboot Coming To NBC With Raymond Lee In Lead


Raymond Lee to lead Quantum Leap reboot on NBC
Raymond Lee [Image @raymomomo/Instagram]

It has been 30 years since fans watched the original series, Quantum Leap aired and a brand new series will connect to the classic sci-fi series. The original show famously starred Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. However, after a pilot was put forward earlier this year, NBC has officially ordered the series. Meanwhile, the show is to star actor Raymond Lee in the lead role. The reboot is one of several new series to be picked up on the fall line-up. It is believed that the reboot will be popular due to the nostalgia of the many fans of the original show.

About Quantum Leap and its reboot

For those who missed the original show, Quantum Leap featured Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett. He entered the titular Quantum Leap accelerator and disappeared and was lost in time and space. This led to the character leaping from one body to another, trying to right historical wrongs before he could carry on again.

Dean Stockwell
Dean Stockwell [Image @scottbakula/Instagram]

The science fiction series was a massive hit for many years, featuring Scott Bakula as Dr. Beckett. He was accompanied by Dean Stockwell as his holographic companion Al, as he tried to find his way back home. Stockwell has since starred famously as a Cylon on Battlestar Galactica.

The new series will pick up the story decades later, with Raymond Lee’s Dr. Ben Seong as he attempts to dabble in Quantum physics in an effort to time travel to discover the fate of Dr. Beckett.

Other cast members of the NBC show

According to Deadline, besides Raymond Lee, the new series still star Mason Alexander Park, Caitlin and Nanrisa Lee. It will also feature Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” Williams, a Vietnam War veteran in whose body Sam had found himself in season 3 of the original show.

Fans of the original Quantum Leap will no doubt wonder if Scott Bakula will return in some capacity as Sam Beckett. Originally, there were rumors that Bakula and his co-star Dean Stockwell would be involved in the new series. While Stockwell sadly passed away last November, fans would no doubt love it if Bakula’s character, Sam Beckett could be given a final ending on the show.

Scott Bakula
Scott Bakula [Image The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube]

So far, a new version of Quantum Leap seems to have attracted plenty of support from NBC.  If the series has more than a passing nod to the original show, this could only make it popular.

Readers, were you around when the original version of Quantum Leap aired on TV? Let us know your thoughts about a reboot or continuation of the popular sci-fi show.

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